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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Product Empties #4

I am back with yet another product empties post! I have been on a roll lately and have been doing a proper skin care routine and as a result, my skin is really thanking me. I still do have the odd spot but it is probably the best it has been in the past few months. I should really do a updated skin care routine for acne prone skin. 

If you search for the top selling product from Nature Republic, it will probably be the Aloe Vera Soothing Gel. I bought this probably 2 years ago and I only just finished using it. It is such a huge tub and whilst there are so many different uses for it, I usually use it only on my face when I have spots, or when I have cuts or burns on my limbs.

I don't know if it's particularly effective in dealing with spots and cuts but it makes me feel better using it and it is so inexpensive. I have another 2 tubs on my table as back ups.

I have also finished Missha's Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator Borabit Ampoule. Wow that was a really long name to type out. I heard good things about this but it disappointed me. I felt that it while it didn't break me out, it also did nothing for my skin. I wouldn't repurchase this.

It's Skin has got to be my favourite brand when it comes to affordable serums. My favourite has got to be the VC Effector. It is lovely for brightening up my skin and it smells amazing as well. Both the GF Effector and CO Effector are decent ones and feel great on my skin. The GF effector is decently hydrating and the CO effector does help in anti-ageing. While the results aren't jaw-dropping, I do think that it is great for the price you pay.

I have used up yet another tub of the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX and even though I used to love this product, I'm having second thoughts about it right now. I have probably finished up a good 3-4 tubs of this throughout the years and I find that after a while, it stops working amazing things on my skin. It is still a pretty good sleeping pack and my skin feels softer the next day but it's hydrating abilities aren't to-die-for and I find that there are other creams which do a better job at hydrating my skin. It is a great product but I'm finally up for trying out other sleeping packs and masks.

I have loved the Mango Seed Heart Volume Butter from The Face Shop for such a long time. When my skin is extremely dehydrated and is peeling, I use this cream and the next day, I wake up to skin that is hydrated and the peeling is definitely a lot lesser. If you have dry skin, and you are not particular about oiliness, I would definitely recommend this cream. A note of caution though, when my face is sensitive, this does sting my face slightly.

A really good simple eye makeup remover is this one from The Face Shop and it is the Rice Water Bright Lip & Eye Makeup Remover. It is inexpensive, gentle on the eyes, non-greasy, and removes makeup effectively. What more can you ask for from an eye makeup remover?

I have also finally finished the Rose Water Daily Skin Toner from Mamonde. The rose water toner is a great gently, everyday toner and even when my skin feels extremely sensitive, it doesn't sting my face at all. If you're looking for a toner which does something extra, like brightening your skin, or helps with healing acne, then this won't be the one for you. But if you've never tried toners before and you just want to start off with something simple and gentle, this toner is the one for you.

I have also finally finished my Extraordinary Oil from L'Oreal Paris. I am the laziest person ever when it comes to using products for my hair which is really bad because my hair has been coloured so many times, bleached a few times, and I blow dry my hair every single time I wash it. Also, my hair is really long and the ends are really dry so using hair conditioners and hair oils/serums are essential. I only started properly using hair oils after I came back from overseas because the air was so dry and it made my hair extremely frizzy and I got into the habit of applying hair oils every day before I left for the day so I continued this habit when I came back and finally finished this hair oil. I think it's a decent one and it does the job. The smoothness of my hair doesn't last throughout the whole day though. I probably won't be repurchasing this though because I have found better ones that work for my hair.

I hope this post has helped some of you in making your purchasing decision if you were looking to buy any of these products! Thank you so much for reading. x

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