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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Review | Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX

This has got to be the very first product I've used from any Korean brands. I can't believe that I've used this sleeping pack on and off for a good 5-6 years already and I haven't done the review on this until now. So without further ado, let me introduce you to the famous Water Sleeping Pack_EX from the brand Laneige.

I first started using this when my best friend recommended it to me. She mentioned that it was pretty well-known in the beauty industry and a lot of people swear by this product. Back then, I wasn't this into Korean beauty products yet so I was pretty intrigued with the whole idea of using sleeping packs.

This product claims (from the product card)...

UV rays as well as various internal causes such as stress and skin impurities can damage skin texture and tone easily. Using Laneige Special Care once or twice a week provides concentrated vitality to the rough and dull skin to restore bright and crystal-clear complexion.

Water Sleeping Pack_EX with light gel-type texture gives intensive hydration, vitality and brightening effect while restoring skin with deep relaxation through aroma scent.

Night time skin transmissivity shows higher rate than during the day. Applying it just before going to bed, the best state for skin transmission according to the skin circadian rhythm, maximizes the efficiency of overnight water supply.

The function of skin remarkably declines during the night time. Enriched with Betaglucan, Water Sleeping Pack_EX deeply hydrates fatigue and dry skin while Ceramide formula strengthens the skin barrier.

Antioxidant effect of Hunza Apricot Extracts brights crystal clear and even skin tone by removing harmful oxygen and by purifying skin. Recovernine from Chestnuts promotes turnovers of horny layers to remove dead cells for vigorous water supply and sleek skin texture.

An aromatic essence compound exclusively developed by AMOREPACIFIC, Sleepscent helps to relax your mind and body to promote good sleep. A good sleep with sufficient relaxation eventually strengthens skin revitalization. Essential oils from Orange Flower, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Sandal Wood etc are contained in the Sleepscent.

Himalaya Snow Water helps your skin to look more crystal clear and vitalized.

Light gel-type texture without stickiness allows comfortable sleep.

The sleeping pack comes in its iconic glossy blue plastic tub and is sealed to preserve the freshness of the product inside. (I got this product a while back so I noticed that they came up with a new packaging for this in a matte blue tub so mine is probably in the old packaging!) It also comes with a spatula which I love collecting. One can never have too man spatulas. This tub contains 80ml of product which is a decent amount of product.

There is a scent and it is true that it smells great. I'm not the best at describing scents but trust me on this, it smells amazing. I wouldn't go so far as to say that I feel better after smelling this (though good scents do put me in a better mood than bad ones) or that I get a better sleep whenever I have this sleeping pack on my face but it does smell good. The scent isn't overpowering and disappears after sinking into your skin so if you're not a fan of scents in general, fret not.

The product itself is a light blue gel which is very lightweight in texture. It spreads easily and my skin absorbs this very quickly as well. It does not leave a sticky texture on the skin and my skin feels smooth after application which is great. When you first apply it, it feels cooling on the skin which is great for hot, humid nights in Singapore.

As a sleeping pack, unlike other masks, you're not supposed to wash it off after a while but leave it on your face till the next morning. I heard that you're supposed to use this as the last step, which means applying this after your moisturiser but I typically skip the moisturiser part and just apply this as my moisturiser when my skin is behaving. On days when my skin flakes and feels extremely dehydrated, I do apply a moisturiser first before topping up with this.

I used to love this a lot when I first started using it. The next day, I would wake up with amazingly soft and plump skin. But after using this for years, I find that it doesn't do much for my skin anymore. I don't use this constantly. I probably use one tub, stop for half a year, then start using it again because I know your skin can get use to products and reduce the effectiveness of the products but now that I'm done with my 3rd tub, I can safely say that I don't find that it does anything for my skin anymore.

I also have to say that it does not hydrate your skin enough if you have extremely dry skin. Like I mentioned earlier, if my skin is going through a dry spell, I do have to top use a thick and hydrating moisturiser first before applying this on because this sleeping pack just isn't enough to hydrate my skin on its own. Just something to take note of.



  • Lightweight texture
  • Skin absorbs quickly
  • Not greasy
  • Smells great
  • Don't need to wash it off
  • Skin feels smooth 
  • Skin feels soft and plump the next morning
  • Does not leave a film on the skin
  • Comes with a spatula
  • Didn't break me out


  • Doesn't work for very dry skin
  • Does not work for my skin after a while
  • A tad pricey

After using a good 3 tubs of this sleeping pack, I believe that it's finally time to try something new. I did like it when I first started using this but it just stopped working for me after a while. It also is a tad on the pricey side so I probably won't repurchase this but it was a good run while it lasted! If you haven't tried this before, I would say you probably should because it is a pretty decent product. Thank you so much for reading! x

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