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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Review | It's Skin Power 10 Formula GF Effector

I've always been digging It's Skin's Power 10 Formula serums and the VC Effector is my all time favourite. Funnily enough, I seem to not have done a review on that but I will get it up soon I promise!

Because of how amazing the VC Effector worked for me I wanted to try more serums from the line. Since my skin gets horribly dry every once in a while, I thought I would pick up the GF Effector which is good for hydration and I have to say that I'm liking it quite a bit. So without further ado, let's talk about specifics.

This is a potent serum that deeply penetrates skin's layers to deliver GF-Biopolymer at the cellular level to relieve the symptoms of dryness and sensitivity. Used on cleansed and toned skin, this serum softens and smoothens rough patches, effectively prepping skin for maximum absorption of moisturizers from succeeding treatments and keeping it protected from external aggressors with a long-lasting moisture shield. (Credit: x)

The serum comes in a little transparent glass bottle and each serum comes in a different coloured bottle. I like how it's transparent because you can see exactly how much product is left. It contains 30 ml which is the standard amount you typically get. I wouldn't say this is very travel friendly because glass bottles tend to be heavier than plastic ones and also, they have a higher likelihood of breaking than plastic ones but given the size, it's definitely pretty portable.

It comes with a transparent plastic cap which I presume helps to keep the stopper in place even if you accidentally forget to screw it tightly in place which is great because I am a hazard like that and this prevents the product from going everywhere.

Like all other serums from this line, it comes in a dropper which I have a love-hate relationship with. I like how this definitely makes it really hygienic and I can control just how much product I want to dispense. But when I'm nearly done with this and there's only a bit left, the dropper doesn't pick it up and I have to tilt the bottle upside down and wait for the serum to slowly drip down to the opening.

I usually dispense 3/4 of the dropper onto my palms and then pat the serum all over my whole face and neck.

The texture of the serum is pretty watery but it has a bit more viscosity than normal water. It blends really easily into my skin and it doesn't leave it feeling sticky or greasy. It doesn't feel heavy on the skin as well. My skin does feel slightly more hydrated than before, but only slightly. If you have super dry skin, I honestly don't think this will help much but for people with normal to combination skin, this should sit quite nicely on your skin.

I don't know if you can actually tell but there are little blue flecks in the serum which I think contains moisturising ingredients in them. They pretty much disappear once you pat the serum onto your skin so don't worry about having little blue flecks all over your face!


  • Hygienic dropper system
  • Lightweight serum
  • Blends easily on the skin
  • No sticky/greasy feeling
  • Glass bottle isn't very travel friendly
  • Hydrates the skin slightly

  • Not hydrating enough for people with dry skin
  • Doesn't do much for me actually

If I were to be truly honest, this was a letdown for me because while I really like how it applies on my skin, I felt that it didn't actually do much. I'm used to seeing amazing results with the VC Effector and I was really hoping that I would love the other serums from the same range but so far I have lucked out in that department.

Don't get me wrong, it isn't that I don't like this serum but I just don't love it. I still won't give up on this range and I am definitely going to try out the other effectors but I am pretty sure I won't be repurchasing this one again.

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