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Monday, April 18, 2016

Review | It's Skin Power 10 Formula CO Effector

I have been in love with the whole Power 10 Formula line from the brand It's Skin and besides the slightly disappointing GF Effector, my favourite one has been and forever will be the VC Effector. I am on a mission to try out as many of the serums from this line as possible because they are incredibly affordable and who doesn't love an affordable serum that actually works? I know I do.

CO Effector is a skincare serum infused with plant-sourced phyto-collagen extracts that penetrate into the inner dermal layers to hydrate skin from within. If enlarged pores start to become visible and skin looks loose, use CO Effector that provides moisture and firmness together with PO Effector that provides care for pores for even better effects.

Directions: Place 2-3 drops onto palm and gently pat it onto your faec and neck until fully absorbed.

Firstly, this little bottle is incredibly affordable. It is 9,600 KRW which is approximately $12 or so for 30ml. I don't know where else can you get serums at this price that actually works (well some of them do at least).

It comes in a little glass bottle with a transparent cover and a white screw top. The bottle itself is pretty small which makes it convenient to bring around but the fact that the bottle is made of glass makes it a lot less travel friendly because glass is heavier than plastic and breaks a lot more easily as well.

It comes with a dropper attached to the top and while the instructions say that 2-3 drops is enough, I typically use slightly more than that, 3-4 drops for my whole face.

The serum is slightly cloudy but mostly transparent, and it's consistency is slightly thicker than water. But it is surprisingly easy to blend and my skin absorbs this really quickly. It doesn't leave my skin feeling heavy or sticky at all which is great considering how it isn't exactly the lightest in texture. I usually use this at night after my toner and essence because our skin tends to renew itself overnight when we sleep and what better way to boost collagen production at night than with a serum that contains collagen itself?

The serum smells amazing and I can only describe it as wonderfully floral. I am horrible at describing scents as you all know so all I can say is that it smells great and I really like it. I don't smell it after my skin absorbs it so if you're particular about fragrances then this may be something you have to consider.

After using this for a few weeks, I have to say that my skin feels more moisturised and softer. It does provide a slight glow to my face but it doesn't last and is only seen after application.

I feel that my laugh lines (I do have a bit) are a bit less obvious than before. I don't actually notice my skin becoming brighter or firmer though which kind of defeats the whole purpose of using this I feel. But then again, I'm only 20ish and I don't exactly need anti-ageing products yet just that it is always better to prevent than to cure.



  • Affordable
  • Smells wonderfully floral
  • Blends and spreads very well
  • Moisturising
  • Skin feels softer
  • Laugh lines slightly less obvious
  • Not heavy or sticky


  • Not very travel friendly
  • Glow on face doesn't last
  • Does not brighten skin
  • Skin does not exactly feel firmer

While I do like how this feels on the skin, it doesn't do what it claims to do which was quite a big let down for me. Out of all the effectors I've tried, so far only 1 has impressed me and it is still the VC Effector. The rest are decent and they are really affordable but I just haven't been wowed by their effects yet. I still won't stop trying the other effectors in hopes that there are others that will work but I probably wouldn't be recommending this to any one any time soon.

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