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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Review | Innisfree Tangerine Vita C Serum

I have been a huge fan of Innisfree ever since my first trip to Korea more than 5 years ago. There is something about the brand, their packaging, their philosophy that has converted me to a lover of all things Innisfree. Since then, I have tried many of their products, some I love, some I dislike, some I'm on the fence about. But today, I'm pleased to be talking about a product that I have really enjoyed using, and my skin loves.

Innisfree's Tangerine Vita C Serum is a serum formulated with freshly squeezed extract of Jeju tangerine peel and vitamin C derivatives to replenish skin with clear moisture and is in a gel form for fresh and effective penetration. It is supposed to be quick absorbing, helps to improve dull complexion and skin elasticity and offers moisture to the skin to improve radiance.

When I first chanced upon this serum, I was immediately drawn in by the colour of the packaging. The serum is housed in a classic round plastic bottle that is marigold orange in colour and has a pump. Serums are typically housed in either bottles with pumps or droppers and in all honesty, I prefer ones with pumps because I don't have to expose the product to air every single time I dispense product.

The bottle is opaque which personally, I do not prefer because I like to know how much product I am left with. Also, if you shine a light through the packaging, you will realise that the actual product only takes up half the packaging, the bottom half is just empty which, to me, is a huge waste of packaging. It also is really gimmicky in tricking the consumer into thinking you're getting more product that you actually are. This isn't something new with Innisfree products and I wish they just used a suitably sized packaging to reflect the actual amount of the product, logically, this will make it more travel friendly as well because it takes up lesser space in your bag. To be fair, it does state on the packaging that there is 50ml of product in the bottle.

When you first pump out the product, the serum is slightly translucent and is white in colour. But once you blend it out, it goes transparent and spreads really easily on the skin. The serum absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves a surprisingly matte finish. My skin feels cool to the touch and doesn't feel sticky or oily. It has a really light whiff of citrus which disappears once it's on the skin.

Immediately after spreading the serum.

After the serum has completely sinked into my skin.

I like to use this serum in the day time, after toner and before my moisturiser. I always follow up with sun protection afterwards because vitamin c is photosensitive. Regardless of whether you're using vitamin c or not, always use sun protection my friends!

I didn't notice any immediate results, this isn't a miracle serum after all. The people around me, however, started complimenting me on an improvement in my skin. They noticed that my skin appeared brighter and clearer, and the pigmentation left behind by my acne became less red and obvious.

Overall, I really like this serum. It does what it claims to do, which is to be fast absorbing and improving dull complexion. I like how it feels on my skin, it's hydrating and yet lightweight enough for me to use it underneath makeup in the day time and I love the scent. If I had to change anything, it would be the size of the packaging because I really find it unnecessary for it to be this big if it doesn't need to be.

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