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Friday, December 16, 2016

Korean Food & Ice Coffee in Hongdae | Korea Travelogue

If you're looking for food to eat in the Hongdae area, then you'll definitely be pleased to know that I have yet another eatery to recommend. I stumbled upon this place when I was in Seoul with my family earlier this year. We were in search of a place to have lunch at and we decided on this one (with the white sign board and red words) because it was one of the only ones open at around 12 noon.

I can't read Korean so I am no help in translating the name of this place but it's in the main Hongdae shopping area where the buskers usually are so if this is any help at all...

I think I love about food places in Korea is that they always have side dishes which taste amazing. My favourites are definitely the bean sprouts, kimchi and fishcakes. They have so many different kinds of side dishes (although kimchi is usually a standard one no matter where you go) that you definitely have to be there to try them all.

For lunch, we ordered a mix of kimchi stew, bulgogi, stir-fried pork, and steam egg. All of them were absolutely delicious. I feel like if you enter a random Korean eatery and order any kind of Korean food, the food there is pretty much delicious. All of our mains came with an order or rice with a fried egg on it (see picture above).

The stir fried pork was marinated to perfection and was so juicy and tasty. This was actually pops' dish and I couldn't stop sneaking pieces of pork into my rice. The kimchi stew was amazing as well and I couldn't stop slurping the stew even though I was filled to the brim with food and my food baby was at an all time large size.

Stir-Fried Pork (6,000 KRW) 

Bulgogi (6,000 KRW)

Kimchi Stew (6,000 KRW)

Steamed Egg (2,900 KRW) 

Another amazing thing about Korea is that no matter where you go, coffee is great. I love to try coffee because being a barista for 4 years now, I have learnt to appreciate a good cup of coffee because it really isn't that easy to get one that is great. But coffee in Korea in general is yummy. You can walk up to almost any coffee place (like we did here) and order coffee and while it may not be the best cup of coffee ever, it'll definitely be great. Oh, and did I mention that coffee is really reasonably priced as well? You can get a decent cup of ice latte for only 2,500 KRW.

I got myself a cup of Ice Cafe Latte and it was so good. My sister and brother got themselves an Ice Vanilla Latte and an Ice Honey Latte and both tasted amazing as well. So if you're ever in Hongdae area and you happen to spot this little shop, do try their coffee!

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