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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Review | Aritaum Water Sliding Tint

I am majorly excited about this lip review because it's the first one I have done in ages. I have always been reluctant to do lip product reviews because lip swatches scare me. My lips are so dry and sensitive and swatching a whole bunch of lip colours on my lips one after another scares the heebie jeebies out of me. But I decided to take the plunge and suck it up so here I am with a bunch of lip product reviews for everyone.

I'm starting this out with the Water Sliding Tints from Aritaum. I know they have a whole bunch of colours but I only got 2 because I have way too many lip products and I really only have 1 pair of lips. I think this is probably one of the rare moments I actually exercise some self-restraint and only bought 2 colours but without further ado, let's get started shall we?

So similar to the Honey Melting Tints from Arituam, these water sliding tints come in a plastic tube with a click on cap. The colour of the packaging is a close match to the actual product inside which is great. I can't stand lip products where the packaging/coloured sticker is way off from the product inside. It just throws me off whenever I expect one colour but get a different one.

What makes this packaging different from your normal lip product is the twist mechanism used to dispense the product. With normal lip products, you twist the bottom to raise the product and when you're done, you twist it back down. With this tint, every time you twist the bottom you will hear a click and the product is supposedly raised just enough for one lip application. This means that the product cannot be retracted so don't go crazy twisting the bottom because the product does not come up the same way normal lip products do or you will find yourself unable to cap the tint.

At just (I believe) 9,000 KRW per pop, they are pretty affordable and when you get them at a 1+1 sale, you've definitely got yourself a steal. I believe that when it comes to Korean products, you don't always get what you pay for, and I mean that in the nicest sense because for the price, the quality of these lip products are amazing.

I got myself 2 in the shades #5 Candy Crush and #15 Cherry Coke. #5 Candy Crush is a really lovely bright pink that isn't too nude or too neon. I think it's perfect for people who want to do a pink but doesn't want to go to either extreme. #15 Cherry Coke on the other hand is a plum red.

The scent is the bomb diggity. It has the most wonderful fruity scent that makes it almost good enough to eat. While I wouldn't recommend actually ingesting this lip product, it sure is lovely to apply on because you always know that your lips smell great.

The application is insane as well. It goes on so smooth on the lips and is very hydrating. It literally glides on my lips and does not tug on the lips at all. With said dry lips, I can honestly do without a lip balm before applying these tints on my lips. I rarely am able to do so because most lip products feel super drying on my lips but these ones are just amazing. It does not make my lips feel heavy at all, just really hydrated. The colour payoff is pretty decent, I feel that 1 coat is enough to show the colour if you want a more natural look but with 2 coats you definitely get a more opaque colour.

(Bottom swatch: #5 Candy Crush, top swatch: #15 Cherry Coke) 

It is a glossy finish so the only downside would be the fact that it does transfer and it doesn't last a very long time. It lasts probably around 1-2 hours before I find myself reapplying it if I want the opaqueness to stay. I actually would advise not eating and drinking with this lip tint on, but if you do, then be sure to reapply after you're done. I don't particularly mind because it makes my lips look so hydrating and plump and it does not sink into any fine lines or emphasises dry patches. It basically makes your lips look soft and kissable. It does leave a slight stain on the lips but you can barely tell so I don't think that is particularly noteworthy.

(Top photo: #5 Candy Crush, bottom photo: #15 Cherry Coke)



  • Affordable
  • Good quality
  • Fruity scent
  • Very nice colours
  • Buildable
  • Hydrating and non-sticky
  • Applies extremely smoothly


  • Not retractable
  • Transfers
  • Doesn't last a very long time
  • Packaging makes it hard for a precise application

All in all I love these lip tints and I think they are heaven sent for people with chronic dry lips like mine who still want to wear lip colours. One thing to take note that because of its twisting mechanism, the fact that you cannot twist up the product means that it can get quite messy when you apply this lip tint. I always find myself reaching for tissue paper to correct any mistakes because this does not provide a precise application. 

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