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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Beauty Stash | Blusher

I am back with yet another beauty stash post and this time, I'm going to be sharing about my blusher collection. I dug around my cheek drawer and was pretty taken aback to find 14 different blushers. Like I am not kidding with you, I found 14 blushers and that does not include all the contour/bronzers or highlighters. One person does not need THIS many blushers but since I do, I might as well do a post about it. 

A disclaimer just before I start, I am by no means proud of the fact that I own 14. I think 14 blushers is excessive and most of them are unopened ones that I opened for the sake of this post. I am not showing off what I have, I am just aware that I am incredibly blessed to be able to own make up. My collection may seem excessive to many and too little to some but I am just here to share so no hate! 

If you're interested to see what I have in my collection as well as see the swatches, please carry on reading.

So going in the sequence of Korean brands first and Western brands next, the first two blushers I am going to be talking about are the cushion blushers from The Face Shop. I have the #03 Plum which is a matte light pink shade and the #05 which is a matte peachy coral shade.

The next blusher is from Skin Food and it is the Sugar Cookie Blush in #03 and this is a lovely matte light lilac colour. It is definitely more purple than the plum cushion from The Face Shop.

The Aritaum Sugarball Velvet Blusher is a new one which I haven't tried before but I got mine in the shade #01 Posy Pink and it is a lovely cool tone pink with a satin finish.

This A'Pieu Pastel Blusher is also another new one but the shade #VL01 is a matte light pink with purple undertones.

This is probably the first Peripera product I've tried, not to mention first cushion product that isn't a cushion foundation but this Cushion Blusher in the shade #05 Lively Lavender is a really lovely light pink with a tinge of lavender.

This is also the first 3CE product I have tried and it is the Cream Blusher in the shade #New Pink. It is a bright baby pink which is really pigmented.

My holy grail blusher is the Lancome Blush Subtil Rose in #10 Rose and it is the most gorgeous cool tone pink with a satin finish.

Lancome Blush Subtil Rose in #10 Rose

The next blusher is from NARS and it is in the famous #orgasm shade. It's a warm mid tone pink with peachy gold shimmer.

The next blusher is one that many say is a dupe for the NARS #orgasm blush and it is from Sleek in the shade #926 Rose Gold. It's very similar to the NARS one because it is a warm mid tone pink with gold shimmer but it has a darker pink undertone as compared to the NARS #orgasm blush.

This Rimmel Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush in the shade #050 Live Pink (woah that name doe) is a mid tone rosy pink with gold shimmer in it.

Boy is this blush pigmented. The first time I used it I literally went overboard and had to remove my makeup and reapply both the base makeup and this blush. The Bourjois Blush Rose Coup De Foudre in #95 Jasper Rose is a reddish pink shade with silver shimmer.

This Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in #15 Seductive Pink is more of a reddish pink than a straight up pink and it has a satin finish.

The last blusher I have in my collection is from Colourpop and it is the Super Shock Cheek in #Birthday Suit and it is a neutral, slightly reddish, pink with a satin finish.

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