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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Review | Covergirl TruNaked Palette in Roses

If you're someone who loves rosy pink tones in your eye shadows then this palette is for you. I use eyeshadows on a daily basis, and I spent a good 3 weeks in the UK with just this palette in my makeup bag. The Covergirl TruNaked Palette in Roses didn't let me down at all and here's why.

In terms of packaging, it comes in a plastic box with a transparent cover which allows you to see what colours are in the palette. The downside of having a transparent cover is that it does not come with a mirror which may or may not be what you look for in an eye shadow palette (I do look for a mirror). On the upside, it is really slim and compact with makes it perfect for travelling with. This palette contains 6.5g or 0.23 oz.

On the back, you get a list of ingredients and the names of the shades of eyeshadows which is great. You get a total of 8 shades in a good mix of mattes and shimmer shades and the palette does come with a sponge tip applicator which I always find myself throwing away because I much prefer using brushes to apply my eyeshadows than with a sponge tip applicator.

I really liked the mix of colours in this palette. You start off with light, rosy toned neutrals on the left which move to more pink shades, then darker crease/transition shades to the right. I think you can obviously tell which shades I usually go for *cough shimmer shades cough* based on which colours are more well used than the rest.

I wasn't expecting much when it came to these shadows (although the colours did look amazing in the pan) but boy was I blown away. They were so creamy and buttery and just such a delight to swatch and apply. One swipe with a brush (or your fingers) and you can pick up enough pigment for a pretty saturated colour.

These eyeshadows apply beautifully on the eye lids and they blend effortlessly. Some of the shades do apply slightly chalky and have minor fallouts (the matte shades) but nothing too crazy at all.  If you want a higher pigmentation, what you can do is to use these eye shadows wet and you can really get the colours to pop. Whilst I love using eye shadows, I'm not a huge fan of having super bright lids so I was happy using them dry.

These last a decently long time on my eyelids, I can go for about 6-7 hours without an eye shadow primer before I see any creasing on my eyelids. Considering the fact that I live in a hot and humid country, that is no mean feat at all.

From left to right, the colours are Almond, Champagne, Baby, Rose Gold, Copper Rose, Dusk, Mauvergine, and Mousse.

If I were to attempt to describe the colours...

Almond: Pale pink (Matte)
Champagne: Champagne pink (Shimmer)
Baby: Baby pink (Matte)
Rose Gold: Rose gold (Shimmer)
Copper Rose: Mauve pink (Matte)
Dusk: Warm dark brown with flecks of purple shimmer
Mauvergine: Cool dark brown (has purple shimmer in the pan but swatches matte)
Mousse: Very dark brown with purple shimmer



  • Slim and compact packaging
  • Lovely mix of colours
  • Good mix of finishes (matte & shimmer)
  • Creamy and buttery
  • Great pigmentation
  • Applies beautifully
  • Blends effortlessly
  • Minor fall outs
  • Good quality for the price
  • Lasts for 6-7 hours before creasing slightly


  • Matte shades go on a bit chalky
  • Does not come with a mirror

For me, this is probably the ideal travel palette because you can get so many looks out of this one palette, that is if you're looking at rosy pink toned looks that is. It's so slim and compact that I can throw it into any of my makeup bags and it fits with room to spare. It has good quality eyeshadows for the price you pay and the colours are amazing. I have quite a few pink toned eyeshadow palettes and this was the one I chose to bring with me so that says a lot. But keep your eyes peeled because I have another review on yet another eyeshadow palette coming right up.

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