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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Films at the Fort | The Man Who Knew Infinity

Whilst the idea of watching movies under the stars may appeal to many people who live overseas, Singapore's weather isn't exactly the most conducive to do anything outdoorsy. It's usually hot, or humid, or hot AND humid. Dawn and I were both very interested in attending the Films at the Fort (Canning) but we were afraid that the weather wouldn't hold up and it would pour during the movie.

After religiously checking the weather for a good one week, we decided to take the plunge and book the tickets anyway and we were blessed because although it rained for a bit during the day time, the evening was really clear and there were no rain clouds at all. We packed ourselves a picnic, got some mats, bought some drinks and made our way to Fort Canning Park after work. We caught The Man Who Knew Infinity which everyone enjoyed (except for me, I was twitchy and quite bored to be honest).

This was definitely an interesting experience and I wished I caught Shakespeare in the Park earlier this year because I think that would be an even more amazing experience but there's always next time after all.

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