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Monday, June 6, 2016

Boons & Olive Young Haul

Shopping in Boons & Olive Young can be overwhelming because there are so many different brands and products available for sale there. I literally don't know where to start and I hop from counter to counter like a bird looking at all the new items available on sale and all the offers that they are having at the moment.

I was pretty focused on what I was looking for and it took me a while to find these items, especially items from the brand Ciracle. Unfortunately I can't tell you which exact outlet I got these items from but you can probably get them in Myeongdong. I don't think I got any of these in Hongdae and I basically shopped at these two places so you can try the Boons or Olive Young in Myeongdong if you're interested in any of these items!

I was having a massive break out whilst I was back in Singapore after my UK trip because I was severely jet lagged and I was sleeping at like 4-6am every single night. As a result, my face was horrible and spotty so I embarked on a mission to find these items from the brands COSRX and Ciracle because I knew that they were good for treating spots. I've tried the Pimple Solution Pink Powder from Ciracle before and it definitely helps to treat those nasty buggers. The Red Spot Cream from Ciracle helps to heal the scars that spots leave behind which is great. I've tried the One Step Pimple Clear Pad from COSRX a few times and I think it works as a preventive measure to prevent pimples from erupting. Whenever I feel like my face is becoming particularly spotty, I just use one of the pads and by the next day, all the little spots seem to calm down quite a bit which is pretty incredible.

I've heard so many good things about the April Skin Magic Snow Cushion and I've heard so many people swear by it that I knew I just had to give it a proper try for myself. Managed to snag this in Olive Young in Myeongdong and I can't wait to start using this.

Another highly-raved item is the Son & Park Beauty Water. I'm always on the look out for good essences and since this seems to have won over many people's hearts, I wanted to try it for myself to see if it was worth the hype.

No particular reason why I got these except for the fact that they were there, and the colours were lovely. Also, the names of the shades are names of Disney Princesses. How could I say no? These are the I'm Lip Liquid from MEMEBOX. I got the shades Adriana and Pocahontas.

This was a purchase mistake. I wanted to get the Nexcare pimple patches but ended up with the nose strips oops. But I guess I will make use of this eventually, and they were on 1+1 so no harm done I guess?

Thank you so much for reading!

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