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Saturday, May 28, 2016

What's in my Travel Makeup Bag?

I have been doing quite a lot of travelling in the past few months and what better time to do a What's in my Travel Makeup Bag then when I'm actually halfway through my travels? I took this photos whilst I was in my B&B in Snowdonia National Park so this is legitimately what I brought with my when I travelled.

Besides the number of lipsticks I brought (it WAS a bit excessive), I think I pretty much brought what I needed and that was about it. So if you're interested to see what I brought, please carry on reading.

First things first, I packed all my makeup into the leopard printed pouch and my brushes in the gold pouch. I like to keep my makeup and my brushes separately because I don't want the makeup products to squish my brushes and get my brushes dirtier than they were already (I didn't bother bringing a brush cleaner along oops).

So that's my two makeup pouches right below.

Starting off with lip products, I did bring a tad too many lipsticks even though I did try to use all of them. Whilst I was travelling, I found that the ColourPop Lippie Stix worked best for me because they lasted a lot longer on my lips and thus required less touching up than the Etude House Dear My Wish Lips Talk lipsticks.

Also, because of how creamy the lipsticks from Etude House were, they had the tendency of slipping and sliding around so I had to constantly check my lip makeup to make sure that I didn't accidentally get some lipstick on my lips or get streaks of it on my face when my hair sticks onto my lipstick.

Etude House Dear My Wish Lips Talk in the shades (from top to bottom) #RD301, #PK002, #BE101, #RD302

ColourPop Lippie Stix in the shades (from left to right) #I Heart This, #Clique, #Toucan, #Bichette, #Frenchie |
Etude House Bling Bling Eye Stick #8 & #11

For mascara, I brought 2 because I wanted to finish my Hypnose Star Waterproof Mascara from Lancome up first before moving on to the Innisfree Skinny Microcara. Lancome makes the best mascaras in my opinion and I would gladly repurchase them if they weren't so expensive. At $50 per pop, they certainly don't come cheap.

I'll be doing a review on Innisfree's Skinny Microcara soon but let's just say that I wasn't impressed at all with the formula and at this point, I'm pretty much just using it up because I don't like to waste product even if I don't like something.

I'm a huge fan of the auto eyebrow pencils from Korean brands and the one I'm using right now is from Innisfree and it is the  Eyebrow Pencil in the shade #04. It does the trick for my brows every single time and the best part? You don't have to sharpen it at all.

For eye shadow primer, I've got my trusty Proof 10 Eye Primer from Etude House which helps my eye makeup stay on for the whole day.

I brought along my Face It Velvet Skin Primer from The Face Shop (not in my photo for some reason but it is in the first flatlay photo). I'm not a huge fan of this primer because it doesn't exactly prolong my makeup, nor fill in imperfections on my face so the main reason why I brought it along was to finish it up.

For foundation, I brought along 2. The first one is the Innisfree Smart Foundation in the Long Lasting formulation mainly because I wanted to finish it. Being out for long hours every single day also meant that I needed my makeup to last longer. I also brought my Ampoule Intense Cushion from Innisfree because it's super moisturising which was great because my skin needed all the moisture it could get when I was overseas. The coverage for this cushion is low to medium so I definitely needed concealer on my dark eye circles and blemishes to hide my imperfections but I still really like this cushion foundation.

I brought along my trusty Skin Food Buckwheat Powder to blot away any excess oil and to prolong the wear of my base makeup. This powder is just a very basic one that I use to set my makeup with.

For contouring, I've hit pan on my Tony Moly Cristal Blusher in the shade #05 and it is a really lightweight powder contour. It isn't the most pigmented contour shade, a light wash is enough to give your face definition, but you definitely can build it up if you want your contour to show.

For highlighter, I brought my ColourPop Supershock Cheek in the shade Smoke n Whistles which I absolutely adore. It really packs a punch and gives off the most amazing glow especially when you use it on the top of your cheek bones. It can make the most matte foundation look dewy and glow-y without looking oily. This is probably my favourite highlighter from ColourPop at the moment!

I brought along 2 concealers, the first from Innisfree and it is their Mineral Stick Concealer. I absolutely adore this concealer and it's one of the better ones I've tried so far from Korean brands. It has a high coverage and doesn't cake up at all, absolutely perfect to use with a lower coverage foundation like the Ampoule Intense Cushion.

Also, because my Innisfree concealer was running low, I brought a back up from The Face Shop and it is the Face It Concealer Dual Veil. I like how it has 2 ends to it, a liquid end and a stick concealer end which makes it really convenient to bring out because you literally get two products in one.

I brought along my all-time favourite blusher from Lancome and it is the Blush Subtil Rose. I have sadly hit pan on this blusher but it gives the most lovely rosy glow on the cheeks and I haven't managed to find another blusher I like as much as I do with this blusher.

I also brought along 3 Mono Eyes eyeshadows from Aritaum and it is in the shades #22, #37 and #64. I basically stuck to using either #22 or #37 on the whole eye lid and #64 in my outer third and it worked perfectly for me.

I brought along 2 other lipsticks which I actually didn't use on the whole trip (oops). The orange one is from Silky Girl and it is the Go Matte Lip Colour in the shade 05. The red one is from Aritaum and is their Honey Melting Tint in the shade Apple Tart. Moral of the story, don't bring that many lipsticks girls.

Last but definitely not least, my brushes. I have very few brushes (I reckon) and I really have just enough to do what I need them to do. So for eye brushes, I have 3. One for packing on eyeshadow on the lid, another for the outer third and the last one to blend it all together.

For face brushes, I have one for powder, one for blush and one for contouring. I'm simply like that.

From left to right: Lancome #13 Angle Shadow Brush, #11 Large Shadow Brush, #16 Blending Tip Shadow Brush

From left to right: Coastal Scents brushes (I don't know the names sorry!), ELF Complexion Brush, Lancome #1 Powder Brush

And that's basically all I brought with me on my travels. Not too crazy if I do say so myself! Thank you so much for reading!

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