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Monday, May 2, 2016

Night Skin Care Routine

It's been quite some time since I did an updated skin care routine so I thought it was time I did one. I've changed quite a bit of products in my routine and some of them I'm still using so if you're interested in more details/explanations about my skin care routine and to see what products I used to use, you can check out my Sunday Night Pamper Routine. Without further ado, let's get on with this post.

Since I wear makeup on a daily basis, I always start my skin care routine with a double cleanse to full remove the makeup from my face and the face makeup remover I'm using at the moment is from Innisfree and it is the Olive Real Cleansing Oil. I'm planning to do a review on this soon so stay tuned for that but it smells great and is really effective at removing my makeup without leaving a greasy layer on my face so I am really liking it.

For my eye makeup remover I'm currently using The Face Shop's Rice Water Bright Lip & Eye Makeup Remover. I love how this removes my waterproof mascara and all my eyeshadows well and it doesn't sting my eyes at all. It does take a while to properly break down my waterproof mascara but it removes my eyeshadows really quickly.

For my facial cleanser, I'm currently using the same range as my eye makeup remover and it is the Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam from The Face Shop. I feel that this is a decent cleanser but not my favourite one, especially since it doesn't really help to remove makeup.

For toner, I am back to using my holy grail Boots Botanics Cleansing Toner All Bright. I have used up a good 4 bottles of this and despite trying different toners, I always find myself gravitating back to this because it is just THAT good. Nothing beats this toner when it comes to brightening the skin so if you're looking for a toner that does just that, then this is the one for you. 

After toner I like to use an eye cream and the one I'm using at the moment is from Innisfree and it is the White Tone Up Eye Serum. It's a pretty comfortable eye serum on the eyes and it provides the basic hydration but I wouldn't say there is anything special about it. 

The essence of the moment is from Nature Republic and it is The First Essence. This essence suffices as an essence but I don't really see much effect from it. At this point of time, I'm pretty much waiting for it to finish before I can move on to the next one. If you're looking for a better essence and you're willing to spend a bit more on it, I would recommend the IOPE Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning. It is a lot more pricey but it works a lot better.

At the moment, I'm using 2 different serums at night, one for basic hydration and the other as an added on treatment. Both of them are from the brand It's Skin Power 10 Formula line and if you don't already know, I love their VC Effector. The hydrating serum is the GF Effector which does a decent job at providing moisture to my skin. I also like to use the CO Effector which helps with anti-aging. Using 2 serums at one go creates a pretty thick layer on the skin so I only do this at night.

For spot treatments, I alternate between using the Nature Republic Aloe Soothing Gel and It's Skin Power 10 VB Effector. Both help in speeding up the healing process of my spots. I wouldn't say either are holy grail products yet because they don't actually work all the time but they suffice for now.

If I have the time, I like to do a sheet mask before I put on a sleeping pack. I'm finishing up the sheet masks from Etude House and while they're not exactly my favourite ones to use, they are pretty decent for an every day pick-me-up. The sleeping mask of choice is the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX. I used to love this product a lot last time but now, not so much. It just doesn't do anything for me anymore so once agin, I'm just finishing this up.

I hope this has helped you in some way in forming your own skin care routine! Till next time, thank you for reading!

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