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Friday, April 1, 2016

Whisk & Paddle

After the somewhat disastrous dinner at Big Street (disastrous for me, not for SH, he was pretty happy with his lobster prata wrap), I wanted to have like a proper date night with SH before I fly overseas so I brought him over to Whisk & Paddle after work for dinner.

I came here last year and had really good mac and cheese so I really wanted to have that again.

What I like about Whisk & Paddle is that there's a choice of alfresco sitting and being right beside a waterway, it was pretty breezy so we weren't hot at all. Sadly, the haze was pretty bad that day though but we braved through the haze to enjoy the amazing view of nature.

Instead of opting for one main each, we decided to order 2 mains and a side to share. We never share our mains because our taste in food is actually very different so this was a refreshing change because we got to try 3 different items (one of which was my mac & cheese, of course).

For drinks, Brandon got the Lychee Mint Cooler and I got the Passionfruit Lime Lychee and both were really refreshing drinks to have in the evening after work. 

Lychee Mint Cooler ($6.90)
Fresh mint leaves and lychees. 

 Passionfruit Lime Lychee Homemade Iced Tea ($6.90)

The first dish we ordered to share was the Pull Pork Quesadillas and they were on fleek. I really liked how the whole dish was flavourful without being too much so. I never would have pegged this dish to be a hit and it was, very much so.

Pull Pork Quesadillas ($12)
BBQ pull pork, pineapple, mozzarella cheese wrapped in tortilla, served with Mexican corn and lime wedge.

We ordered a Meats Thin Crust Pizza to share and it was pretty good. I'm not the biggest pizza fan of the pizza here and I think Timbre's pizzas are better but SH said "you can tell they made an effort with their pizzas". I have to say that I did like it though.

Meats Thin Crust Pizza ($17.80) 
Minced pork and beef, chicken, bell pepper, olives and onion.

And for the main reason why I wanted to go to Whisk & Paddle to have dinner in the first place, my Macaroni & Cheese. I loved how the mac & cheese tasted here, it's like the classic American comfort food. But be sure to share this dish with someone else because it can get pretty gelat after a while. 

Macaroni & Cheese ($13.80)
 Macaroni, honey baked ham and onion cooked in pink sauce and mozzarella cheese.

We basically sat there till the sun went down and we were stuffed before heading back to a The Vampire Diaries marathon. It was a really good night spent with SH and while I am really excited that I finally get to jet off with my parents, I'm going to miss him so much when I'm gone.

'till the next one, thank you for reading!

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