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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Review | The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Lip & Eye Makeup Remover

If you have ever researched on popular skin care products from The Face Shop, you will probably have come across something from their Rice Water line. This line is most famous for their cleanser (I've bought it but have yet to try it yet) but I haven't really heard any one talk about the other products from this line so whilst I was perusing the shelves in Seoul, I came across the Rice Water Bright Lip & Eye Makeup Remover and since I was looking for a replacement for my eye makeup remover from Innisfree, I bought it to try.

I'm always on the hunt for a good eye makeup remover because I typically use a decent amount of eye makeup every single day, 2-3 eyeshadow colours plus waterproof mascara, so I want an eye makeup remover to be able to take off all my eye makeup with minimal fuss and is preferably non-greasy. I was pleasantly surprised that this did all that, and more.

So firstly, let's talk about what this product claims to do. It claims to be a gentle makeup remover with Rice Extract. It contains 120ml or 4.0 fl. oz. This two-phase, dual action makeup remover gently removes makeup from the eyes and lips. Formulated with Rice Extract, it leaves skin feeling moisturised.

Directions: Shake bottle vigorously before using to activate the formula. Soak a cotton pad and press on the eyes and/or lips for a couple of seconds. Gently, wipe off and rinse with lukewarm water.

Packaging-wise, it comes in your typical plastic bottle with a screw-on cover. What makes this makeup remover different from others that I've tried is that it has a bigger opening than normal bottles. It allows me to dispense the appropriate amount easily without having to shake it many times. I don't find myself having an issue with over-dispensing if that's a concern you have.

This makeup remover smells really nice, it smells powdery (in a good way) and slightly floral. The scent isn't strong by any means but you may get a whiff or two when you place it on your eyes/lips but I have no issues with this.

I feel that this makeup remover despite being a really gentle and light-weight product, does a really good job at removing my eye makeup. As mentioned above, I use a pretty decent amount of eye makeup on a daily basis so I need something that is able to remove all of that cleanly and I find that this does the trick. I just soak a cotton pad slightly with the remover, press it on my eye area for about 10-20 seconds (depending on how much patience I have to hold it there) and then sweep the cotton pad downwards. I find that it removes all of my eyeshadow with 1-2 swipes and it removes my mascara pretty quickly as well. I use a waterproof mascara that doesn't budge even if I brawl so even though it takes a tad longer to remove my mascara, it isn't a cause of concern for me.

Also, I have to say that it does not leave any sticky or oily residue. You can feel a slight film of product left over which is easily removed with a facial cleanser (I always do a double cleanse instead of just rinsing with water).

What sealed the deal was that this didn't sting my eyes one bit. Now, if you've read about my review on the Innisfree Apple Juicy Lip&Eye Remover, you will know that it stung my eyes like crazy when the remover got into my eyes and since then, I've been very wary about makeup removers which sting. I hate feeling half blinded whenever I accidentally get product in my eyes. But the Rice Water Bright one didn't sting my eyes at all. 

The following series of photos show just how good its makeup removing abilities are.

On my arm are the swatches of the Aritaum Mono Eye Eyeshadows. I thought it would be too good an opportunity to waste if I didn't take photos for this makeup remover. So after soaking a cotton pad slightly with the eye makeup remover, I took one swipe down my arm and literally removed all the eye shadows that were in its path.

In this photo, you can see some left over on the left side of my arm because I didn't aim the cotton pad well enough but you can see that all the eye shadows that were in the path of my cotton pad are well and truly gone from my arm.

The next photo shows all the eyeshadow gone with another swipe of the cotton pad.



  • Gentle on the eyes
  • Bigger opening allowing easy dispensing of product
  • Smells faintly floral and powder
  • Does not sting my eyes
  • Removes makeup well (even waterproof mascara)
  • Isn't greasy/oily
  • None
I really like this eye and lip makeup remover and I don't really understand why no one is raving about

how good it is. I don't actually know of anyone who even knew this makeup remover exists which is really surprising considering how popular the Rice Water line is. If you're looking for a simple eye makeup remover which works well and smells great, I'll definitely recommend this one. There are other eye makeup removers which I want to try but unless I find a better one, I'll definitely be purchasing this again.


Qistina said...

I'm considering to try this Face Shop korea makeup remover. Thanks for the review ;D

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Ava Harris said...

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