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Monday, April 11, 2016

Review | Etude House I Need You, Vita Complex! Sheet Mask

Because I'll be away for the whole of April, I didn't want to leave this space empty so I thought I would finish the the rest of the reviews for the Etude House I Need You sheet mask range in this week. So every single day, there will be a review on a particular "flavour".

Every one knows that vitamins are so good for you. One of my favourite vitamins of all time would probably have to be Vitamin C. There are so many benefits (especially beauty related) that come about because of Vitamin C. Think skin brightening, lightening of scars... One of my favourite serums of all times is from It's Skin and it is their Power 10 Formula VC Effector, which does an amazing job at skin brightening, and guess what the main active ingredient is... Vitamin C.

To say I was excited to give this mask a try is probably an understatement. I deliberately used the other masks first and left this one towards the end because as they say, save the best for the last (although this isn't exactly the last one I tried.

So today, I'm going to be talking about Etude House's I Need You, Vita Complex! sheet mask (Radiating Skin).

This mask contains 0.67 fl. oz. / 20 ml.

This mask sheet contains various vitamin derivatives that purifies and brightens up dull skin for a healthy natural glow. 

  1. Apply toner to skin after cleansing. 
  2. Remove mask from pouch and apply to face, placing mask to fit eye and lip area. 
  3. Remove mask after 10~15 minutes and lightly massage remaining solution into skin with hands.

  1. For external use only. 
  2. Avoid contact with eyes. 
  3. Keep out of reach of children. 
  4. Discontinue use if signs of irritation and/or rash appear. 

The essence in this mask is pretty lightweight and watery as you can tell from the picture below. The essence pretty much started dripping off my hand as soon as I squeezed it out from the packet.



  • Reasonably priced
  • Smells pretty good
  • Makes my face look fresh
  • Skin looks brighter and clearer
  • Skin feels smoother
  • Very hydrating
  • Cooling on the skin
  • The fit

Honestly speaking I didn't know what to expect after using this mask besides the fact that my skin should look brighter because as this mask says, it is supposed to purify and brighten up dull skin for a healthy natural glow. Indeed, it did as it said it would, and more. I would say this is one of the better masks from the range because although it does what I would expect from a good sheet mask. The hydration level for this mask is reasonably high as well, which isn't what you get from every single sheet mask from this range.

The smell though, may put some people off. To me, it smells like lightly scented wet tissues. It isn't a scent that is unpleasant, neither does it put me off but if you don't like the scent of wet tissues then this mask probably isn't for you. Besides this, I can pretty much say that this mask is pretty darn good for the price.

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