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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Giselle and Nathan's Wedding

A few weeks ago (once again, I'm late in my posts), I had the honour and the privilege to attend Giselle and Nathan's wedding. Weddings always hold a special place in my heart because it symbolizes good things to come, and happily ever afters. 

Alas, a part of me still hopes for my very own fairytale ending after all.

The dessert table and wedding cake were prepared by Wimbly Lu's bakers and I applaud Hinna for the amazing details on the wedding cake. I didn't take a good enough photo because the lighting wasn't conducive but you can click on the picture for a closer view on the details.

Every single detail was painstakingly hand piped onto the fondant. Talk about attention to detail!

Met up with my fav Vanny Poo because who else would I be with? Coincidentally, we were both in matching maxi skirts. This isn't the first time we've both worn matching outfits without it being planned before hand.

Can I just say I really loved Giselle's wedding dresses?! Every single one of them was lovely. I wish I managed to take photos with her to show just how pretty the dresses were but sadly I didn't manage to do so. Or rather, the professional photographer hired for the event has the photos but I didn't manage to get my hands on them.

Prior to this event, I've never really tried vegetarian food before. Granted, I have had my fair share of the type of vegetarian food found in hawker centres. But I've never actually had proper vegetarian food, the kind that you go to restaurants to have.

I was pleasantly surprised with how all the food placed on the table were all vegetarian! They tried to imitate prawns, sharks fin, chicken, abalone, fish... It was all really impressive. I can't name most of these dishes but feel free to peruse the pictures.

After having the whole meal, I think honestly, the dish that I enjoyed the most was this one.

I love vegetables and even though the rest of the meal was pretty impressive, I think I'm still going to stick to having meat because the vegetarian alternative wasn't enough to sway me.

Normal vegetables (that aren't an imitation of something else) is still the way to go!

I shared the table with these lovely people.

More food pictures:

Managed to snag a photo with two of my favourite bakers! These two haven't been back to Wimbly to work ever since 3YB opened :'<

GoonxCheng Sisters

Darling SH kindly came over to pick us up because the hotel we were at was pretty inaccessible and we went off to catch a midnight movie. Full of love for this man, for without him, my life would be a pretty dull one indeed.

I just had to snap a picture of my favourite shoes of the moment! I love this little pair of ankle boots that I snagged from Korea. I did not get a chance to wear them out till this moment because I'm never in the right attire for them but I'm so glad I managed to do so in the end.

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