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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

Typing up this post almost one month late but yay here's the post right now! Went out with the boyfie for lunch before work (yes I know, I worked on Valentine's Day >.>). We went to Kallang Leisure Park for some sushi hehe.

He bought me a bouquet of flowers yay! Even though I really rather he used the money to buy me something else, I'm still pretty stoked to receive flowers on V Day. It's a cliche but one I appreciate nonetheless~

I caption this photo: "Where's my boyfriend?"

My Valentines date for this year hehe. My fav Vanny Poo~~~ My one and only buy-1-get-1-free partner in crime. She's the only one I'll offer to work with on special occasions. We've done Valentines Day and New Year's Eve so far... what's next?

And our third, albeit a bit late, partner in crime, my fav Jaime hehe. I'm so glad I worked with this two instead of any one else because that night wasn't the best night for me but it was still a good night to work when you're working with your fav people.

And to my darling boyfriend,

Thank you so much for understanding my quirks and how I sometimes opt to work on occasions that should be spent with family and loved ones. Thank you for always giving in to me whenever I feel the need to assert my independence for the most ridiculous reasons. Thank you for the past 1.5 years worth of love and care and everything amazing that you've brought into my life. I love you the most bb, now and forever x

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