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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Face Make Up Collection

So... I am pretty aware that I only have one face and that there's only so many products I can pile on my face at one time. But when you're in the land of all things beauty (read: Korea), it's really too hard to resist the temptation not to shop.

BB Cushions have been all the rage in Korea (and in Singapore as well) and I found it so hard not to buy just one more which results in... Too Much. And since I went to Korea twice, it means, Way Too Much. Sobs.

As usual, I haven't actually tried most of the face make up I got yet (as you can tell from the fact that most of them are still in their boxes. But let's talk about the ones I have tried.

My holy grail foundation used to be Lancome's Teint Miracle before I swapped it over to the Mat Miracle because I found TM's coverage a little too light for my liking. Also, the bottle of TM I had was in a shade that was too dark for my face.

The new long wear miracle: Mat Miracle 24H. A unique combination of 4 patented Aura ™ and Eternal Soft Fix Complex™ technology, for satin luminous finish and all day wear. All-day sebum resistant and shine control. All-day heat and humidity proof. All-day no transfer.

Lancome's Mat Miracle has been my go-too foundation for quite a while before I actually swapped over to Innisfree's Eco Natural Green Tea BB Cream (picture below) because I wanted something that made my face appear brighter which MM did not do.

Although I do not believe foundations when they claim to last up to 24 hours simply because who wants foundation on their skin for 24h, it is pretty long lasting and although it starts to fade off maybe after 8 hours or so, there is still a slight coverage on my face.

Also, my T-Zone tends to get slightly shiny around the 8h mark as well.

It does not dry my face or caused any break outs which is good in my books.

The coverage definitely isn't too heavy but neither is it too light. I usually like my foundations to have a medium coverage which is what the MM offers.

Recently, I also swapped my daily foundation to Revlon's ColorStay simply because I was itching to give it a try after hearing so many good reviews online about it and I must say I am pretty impressed with it considering that Revlon's a drugstore brand.

Long-wearing coverage with Time Release Technology and a lightweight formula that won’t cake, fade, or rub off. Specifically made for combination or oily skin to control oil absorption and shine. Your look stays flawless throughout the day.

Once again, the Revlon CS is a medium to full coverage foundation which definitely hides most of the redness on my face although I do have to cover up my blemishes with some concealer on days when I really want my skin to look more flawless.

It does not cake and does not dry out my skin as well.

The staying power of this foundation is about the same as Lancome's MM which means that my make up generally does last me for the full day but starts to fade at about the 8th hour mark.

What I absolutely do not like about this foundation is that it does not come with a pump. Like what's up with that? Right now when my bottle is still relatively full, it doesn't take a lot of effort to get the foundation to come out but I predict that when my bottle starts getting empty, it's going to take a while to tip the liquid out. Also, I cannot exactly control the amount of liquid that comes out from the bottle so it is quite a hassle to deal with that.

But the formula is pretty awesome which is why I got it anyway even though I knew the CS did not come with a pump.

I have loved my Innisfree Eco Natural Green Tea BB Cream for a pretty long time and you can read my more detailed review HERE.

Essentially, this BB cream gives me a super dewy finish which I really love! I've been into the dewy finish ever since I started watching YouTube videos on Korean make up and this BB cream is super moisturizing as well.

In Singapore however, the dewy look usually equates to an oily look so what I like to do is to dust loose powder on my T Zone area and leave my cheeks just as it is. But once again, for a more detailed review, you can read my previous blog post!

The next few BB cushions and CC Creams are all unused ones that I haven't tried before so I can't exactly give a proper review on them but here are the pictures if you're interested!

Will you be interested in more detailed reviews on these products once I start using them? If you are, let me know! x

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