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Monday, March 9, 2015

Staycation // The Daulat

Recently, SH planned a staycation for the both of us. It wasn't exactly a surprise because he had to "book" me on the day itself but I had no idea where we were going at all. 

I was pretty excited nonetheless 'cuz SH never disappoints when it comes to booking great staycations and hotels overseas.

We met up pretty early and check in wasn't until 2 pm so we went off to Nex to grab some lunch. We found ourselves at Eighteen Chefs once again.

And then off we went in search of the hotel.

I remember when we were reaching, I suddenly said out loud that I hoped we weren't staying in the area that we were driving in and SH turned and stared at me. He asked why and I said because the neighbourhood looks supper shady and iffy and then, because his expression was weird, I laughed and said "we're staying some where here right".

I tend to ruin surprises don't I?

Opening its doors for the first time, The Daulat is a boutique hotel, which caters to both business and leisure travelers with an amalgamation of modern contemporary design and a rich architectural history. With an emblematic interior design across all its 16 rooms, it aspires to accommodate our guests with a unique experience during their stay.

I really liked the exterior of the hotel and the quaint little table and chairs placed outside. And the interior didn't disappoint as well.

Here's a look at the rooms and rates they have.

SH had a choice of either the Loft Suite or Loft Room but unfortunately, the Loft Suites were taken up by the time we reached so we were only left with the Loft Room but I reckon it was pretty amazing already.

Room tour time! This is the pretty toilet.

Washing area outside the toilet~

Little corner beside the toilet and underneath the stairs.

And finally the main highlight of the whole room... the loft!! I love love LOVE loft style living. Nothing makes me happier than staying in a place with a loft and SH knows this and he made my dreams come true (for a day).

Just look how cosy the whole place looks!

The only downside of this room is the fact that they do not have any power sockets at the second floor, so we had to charge our phones downstairs and run up and down if we wanted to use them.

Also, the TV was placed at the left side of the bed so we kind of had to watch TV on our sides which was the slightest bit uncomfortable. But besides that, everything's just peachy.

Thank you fav boy for planning this staycay for me even though everyone kind of gave you hell for it. I really appreciate everything you've done. Am not going to type out some long love post here but know that I really do love you.

Went out to explore the pool area and it was as quaint as the rest of the hotel.

We didn't end up in the pool for a swim because there was construction work going on around the hotel and I didn't want to be stared at by construction workers...

I really recommend The Daulat to any one who's looking for a really pretty hotel to stay at! The whole place is really small but pretty nonetheless.

Honestly, the only downside of staying here (besides the orientation of the room) is the fact that it's located right smack in Little India. If you want to embrace the night life of Little India, then this wouldn't be a downside. But the Daulat is located right beside an Indian Bar so for the whole night, you can hear Tamil songs being blasted at max volume.

But the service was superb and so it the whole place~

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