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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Wimbly Lu BBQ // One Ice Cafe

Earlier this month, the bosses of Wimbly Lu organised a BBQ and I'm super glad that many of the people I haven't seen in a while (and some I see pretty often but don't mind seeing everyday hehe) were there! 

Of course I met up with Vanny Poo just because she's my fav person to meet hehe. Having some hula hoop fun before everyone else came.

And Rajah~~~ Whom I haven't seen in agessss. I'm honestly so excited to see him just because it means he's feeling (and looking) so much better!

Hehe fav people~ (And me holding my hair because the wind was insane.)

These chicken satays tasted super good! I couldn't stop eating them, probably also because I was really hungry heh.

And of course, my plus 1 for the night, fav boy.

More fav people (and their plus 1s) hehe.

Left the BBQ slightly earlier than the rest because I really wanted to give One Ice Cafe a try! Heard of their patbingsu and I couldn't wait to have some for myself.

Their Matcha Patbingsu ($6.80) was pretty awesome! The matcha ice cream was really good but I just wish the shaved ice was more flavourful? It just tasted like normal ice actually :/

We also got the Choco Banana Bingsu ($8.80) which also tasted pretty good! My friends thought the Matcha Patbingsu was better and I personally prefer the Matcha one as well because I love green tea but this is pretty good as well~

One Ice Cafe
|  2 Jurong East Central 1, JCube, #02-67 |

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