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Monday, February 16, 2015

Surprise Success // Suki-Ya

I'm not one for planning surprises simply because it gives me anxiety where I feel like everything that can go wrong... will go wrong. So I end up not bothering because I think it just isn't worth the anxiety I get just to surprise someone else.

But last month, I decided to do something I usually will not do and plan a surprise for the boyfie.

So our half year anniversary fell on a Tuesday. I usually work full shifts on Tuesdays (i.e. 12-11pm) and so I don't have the time to meet SH since he usually works the normal 8-6 work shifts. But I took half day off to rush all the way down to Kovan (where he was meeting his insurance agent) to surprise him!

I went all out, because I like to cover all bases if I can, by asking his mum to tell him to go home for dinner (just in case he meets his agent for dinner or has dinner at home) but not to actually make dinner for him so I could bring him out for dinner. I also told him I was working just so he didn't suspect anything was going on.

Then I rushed like mad all the way to Kovan after work to surprise him at the place where he was meeting his agent and the shocked expression on his face was priceless.

He didn't expect me to turn up at all and he even asked me if I didn't go to work at all (lol).

I know this may seem like something really small but it is a big step for me to give up work for anything at all. I'm a workaholic so asking me to not go to work is like a huge deal for me lol. But I'm glad that it was worth it and he totally did not see it coming at all.

Love you beebs! x

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