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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Neon Trampoline Fun

Met up with the girls recently to celebrate Vanessa's birthday!! Got some skin care/make up stuff for her because why not hehe.

A trampoline park recently opened in Serangoon Gardens so we decided to head over to have some fun! 

Instead of opting for the usual lighting, we opted for the neon light which makes for much more fun in my opinion (although it wasn't the best for taking photos but my iPhone did its best.)

And then the staff kindly offered us some neon body paint! Which resulted in this.

And just like Illumi Run 2013, guess who got wayyyy too much paint on herself again lol.

Skyhigh Trampoline Park
| Burghley Lifestyle Hub, #01-05, 45 Burghley Drive, Singapore 559022 |

After that we went back to Rachel's and had loads of water and some super sweet bunny cookies.

Please met Fluffy and Mocha! They're superrrrr adorable I can't even. I love Lion Heads and Mocha is a legit Lion Head! Check out her cray cray fur.

And we ended off the night with a late dinner and loads of catching up. I miss working with all these people :'<

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