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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Privé // T2C

Headed over to Privé at Keppel Bay with my best friends over the weekend last month because we wanted to surprise Dawn and celebrate her belated birthday. Surprise wasn't the best but I'm glad she didn't suspect it was us (even though she suspected something was up anyway).

I honestly think Privé's a super romantic and pretty place to go to in the evening but when night fell, there wasn't much to be seen. Also girls, if you're sitting outside, be prepared for your hair flying everywhere because of the wind. 

Dinner with a sea view (if you ignore the ugly construction work going on haha).

Boyfriend ordered the Simply Privé Burger which was pretty good! I don't usually like burgers because I don't like carbs all that much in general but ignoring the huge buns, (my anaconda don't want none unless you've got buns hun~ hahahaha, okay sorry) the patty was really decent! And I was craving for fries that night so I pretty much stole half of SH's fries heh.

I opted for the Linguine Carbonara which definitely wasn't one of my best food choices.

Firstly, I don't know why I like to order cream pastas because I get really sick of the cream sauce after a few mouthfuls. Also, I don't really like mushrooms (although I really love mushroom soup)... And I don't like thick cut bacon also... Hahaha. Basically whatever the dish has, I didn't like. Some times I swear I make the dumbest choices.

Barely ate half of it before I gave up and passed it to SH to finish. Oh, and the poached egg was a disappointment as well. It looked really sad (definitely doesn't look like the poached eggs in Eggs Benny) and the yolk wasn't all that runny...

But all in all it was a good dinner with my fav people hehe. The company can pretty much make up for the shittest food or environment.

| 2 Keppel Bay Vista, Singapore |

Headed to Little Wimbly after that for some desserts and I sneaked this shot behind the counter these girls~ Haven't worked with most of them in AGES T.T Why you all go to work at Little and never ever come back to Wimbly again D:

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