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Monday, February 9, 2015

Korea Travelogue // Tom N Toms Coffee

We intended to spend our first full day in Seoul exploring (and shopping) around Sinchon/Ewha Woman's University area but first, some breakfast! 

Side note // it's my first time spotting a red lip and I don't think I look too weird in it?

Spotted Toms N Toms Coffee upon exiting at Sinchon Station and we popped in for some breakfast! I've always seen TNT around but I've never eaten in one before and can I just say the toast is pretty decent?

The decor in TNT actually reminds me of what you see in Starbucks...... Korean dupe of Starbucks? Heh.

I can't exactly remember what we ordered but I think it was a Chocolate and Butter toast and a Honey Butter one. Both were pretty good but I preferred the Chocolate and Butter one over the Honey toast.

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