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Friday, February 6, 2015

Hair Mask Collection // TRESemmé, L'Oreal & Watsons

I have been wanting to do up collection posts of all the skin care/hair care/make up products I've bought during my Korea/Bangkok trips but I never had the actual time to sit down and take these photos. So on one of the rare Mondays that I was free, I decided to take photos of my hair mask collection (and also my face makeup collection consisting of BB Cushions/Foundations/BB Creams) and do up this post! 

My hair has always been pretty damaged because of how long it is (was) and because I bleached it so many times last year. I'm not a person who usually takes much care of my hair that's why the condition of my hair kind of deteriorated throughout the months....

But on my recent trip to Bangkok with my baby girls, I went all out and bought back 5 different hair masks to try! Pretty excited to give them a try and see if they really work ^^

To read the reviews, you kind of have to wait for a while because I'm not the biggest fan of opening up multiple products of the same kind just to try them. I prefer finishing the current one I'm using now before trying another one. Which results in massive hoarding because I buy many at one go and then take forever to finish it...

But anyway, the current hair mask that I'm using now is the L'Oreal Color-Vive 1 Minute Protecting Mask.

Protect and prolong the radiance of your color-treated hair with Color-Vive. Singapore's and the World's No. 1 hair care for colored hair, Colorvive protects against external aggressions that dull and weaken colored hair.

The One-Minute Protecting Mask intensely nourishes and treats to keep colored hair brilliant and prevent fading.

I've been using this hair mask for about 2-3 times a week and although I don't see much of a difference in my hair colour (because it has mostly faded to a gold colour before I started using this mask), I feel that it definitely makes my hair a lot more manageable and less tangled.

What I really like about it is also the fact that it only takes 1-2 minutes to work its magic. I'm not a huge fan of masks that require me to stay in the bathroom for 10-15 minutes because I take probably 5 minutes in total to finish showering? 10-15 minutes is just too much effort in my books.

I've heard of the brand TRESemmé before but I've never actually tried it myself. When we were in Bangkok, one of my friends saw these masks in Watsons/Boots and we decided to grab some for ourselves. Since she swears by it, I'm pretty excited to give them a try!

I bought 3 different hair masks from their different ranges and all of them sound so promising. I actually wanted to get more because all of them sounded so good but instead I opted for the Keratin Smooth, Split Recovery and the Platinum Strength ones.

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth
Infused with Keratin, the Keratin Smooth collection is specially formulated to leave hair sleek and shiny while eliminating frizz. 

TRESemmé Split Recovery
Reducing split ends takes serious science. Our starting point was this: your hair's frayed ends are negatively charged. So we created a Reconstructing Complex with positively charged polymers inside a gel body... and opposites attract. 

As your hair dries, split ends contract, and with continued use of our hair care for split ends, you'll be left with a look that's smooth and seemingly just cut.

TRESemmé Platinum Strength
The TRESemmé Platinum Strength Collection is formulated to reinforce hair's natural barrier, restoring and smoothing the surface of the hair, reducing frizz and bringing back shine and vibrancy. The result is beautifully smooth and healthy-looking hair that's protected against future styling damage.

I have yet to give the TRESemmé hair masks a try yet but I'll be sure to do up a review when I start using them!

My last 2 hair masks were from Watsons. Who knew Watsons does hair masks right? I sure have not seen this in Singapore but apparently Bangkok carries hair masks from Watsons.

The first hair mask I got was Watsons Anti-Frizz Treatment Wax with Argan Oil.

(I can't find the description for this hair mask online, sorry!)

And the second mask I got was Watsons Extre Shine Treatment Wax with Henna.

Watsons Henna Treatment Wax is formulated with Henna Extract and Ginseng Extract. It cleanses your hair and gives long lasting colour and shine, leaving your hair healthier and more manageable after use.

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