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Thursday, January 29, 2015

So I found some photos in my phone...

What better way than to do up a post with a bunch of forgotten photos you have in your phone? Some of these were taken last year hahahaha. I know right. This is what happens when you have a camera and forget that certain photos were taken using your phone....... Be prepared for a mish-mash of photos.

This was taken in December when I brought my family to Two Chefs for some tze char~ I really really like the food there hehe. 

Christmas 2014~

Celebrated Christmas (eve) this year at SH's friend's place. Didn't take many photos that night though.

Working with my fav girl at Little Wimbly on New Year's Eve because it's a buy 1 get 1 free deal with the both of us~ (inside joke).

I won't ever go to work out of my agreed schedule unless it's working with this one ^_^

Instead of the usual #goodfoodsundayswithvan, I swapped my usual Sunday night slot and worked on a Saturday instead because SH had a Saturday duty to do. Instead, I had my usual good food days with SH. I never ever go hungry when he's around because he always brings me to have my fav food hehe.

Fav food consits of travelling all the way to Jurong Point to have my fav tomyum hotpot...

And some Ikea lovin'

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