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Monday, February 2, 2015

November 8 Coffee & Company

So one Monday, the sister and I decided to meet up to catch up for all the months we spent apart and we found ourselves at November 8!

We weren't exactly really hungry so we opted for some drinks instead of desserts or dine-in items.

YW ordered the Mango Yuzu Citron Ice Blended and it was the bombdiggity. I really love citrusy drinks so if you're a lover of all things citrus, this is definitely a must try! It was really refreshing to have especially on a hot afternoon~

I opted for an Ice Mocha which honestly tasted quite meh because it was too bitter for my liking.

And so it begins.... This is what usually happens when the both of us hang out together....

Oh and if you didn't already know... I chopped off half of my hair in length because I was in a YOLO mood. Yes, I know, it's long over due.

I'm now in a love-hate relationship with my hair. I really like the length now because it looks a whole lot healthier than it was before. My bleached ends were so dry and kept breaking that it was honestly quite scary. BUT. I've always been a huge fan of super long hair so I think the length it is at now is wayyyy too short.

But everyone seems to like it though so I guess that's good.

November 8 Coffee & Company
|11 Sin Ming Road, #01-30 Thomson V Two, Singapore(575629) |

After that, I went off to meet le boyfriend for dinner! We found ourselves at Two Chefs as usual.

If you don't already know, Two Chefs is my ultimate favourite tze char place to have dinner at and more often than not, we spend most of our Mondays there for dinner hehe. No pictures of food this time because we ordered the same things as usual 'cuz I'm boring like that.

Why my boyfriend's eyes so small....... Heh.

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