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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Last day of 2014, First day of 2015

Happy 2015 guys!!! I am aware that January is almost half over, and that this isn't the first post I've posted in 2015 but the previous 2 posts that I uploaded were pre-written and I posted them because I didn't want my blog too be too dead.

This is a legit post that I'm drafting up in 2015 itself and it's about how I celebrated my last day of 2014 (and the first few hours of 2015).

All dolled up for work because I was working at Little Wimbly on New Years' Eve before heading down to iDarts Halo at Bugis + to countdown with SH and his friends!

Made it~~~ Despite ending work at 11, we were one of the first few to reach iDarts!

Ended the night by waiting and walking around, desperately trying to get a cab at 2 am in the morning and only managing to get one at 4am. It was insane and I had a little too much to drink (alcohol makes me really sleepy).

But Happy New Year guys! May 2015 be as awesome or even more awesome for everyone than 2014 has been! x

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