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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Korea Travelogue // Korean BBQ

One does not simply go to Korea and not have Korean BBQ!!! Chanced upon this place on our first night when we were walking around trying to decide where to eat but we didn't decide on this on our first night but had it the last night we were in Jeju instead.

I am not literate in Korean so I can't tell you what shop this is but I did manage to snap a shot of the name of it! Do check it out if you're interested in having good BBQ food! I really recommend their beef bulgogi! I don't really like beef but the beef bulgogi here was amazing~

Another good thing about Korean food are the side dishes! I really like the corn and fishcakes that they give. To die for!

On a side note, I'm back from my BKK trip!!! I'll be posting my BKK travelogue posts soon (when I get the time to sort out the photos and post them up). Stay tuned! x

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