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Monday, January 19, 2015

Hai Di Lao

Last Monday I went out with my fav people and it was a pretty awesome day all in all. Dawn and I met up first and went to town to hang out. We literally spent hours trying make up in Sephora, Innisfree, and Etude House just because we love all things beauty-related.

Oh and did I mention that we agreed to dress up in matching outfits (as seen below). If it was with anyone else, I'll probably cringe but I think this is what happens when you've known each other for 8 years.

I honestly think that she's my sister-from-another-mother and even if we don't talk to each other for half a year (yes it has happened before), we can start talking non-stop the next time we meet up as though we were never apart.

Met up with Bobo, SH and Pearleen at HDL later on and it's my first time trying it out!

We ordered 2 soup bases, tomyum (supposedly but we found out we were served with tomato soup in the end >.>) and chicken soup! The chicken one was really yummy!

I honestly thought that the food wasn't anything special (though I really liked the chicken soup base!) but the service there is superb. I would honestly recommend HDL just based on the service alone because it's amazing.

Think being served with drinks and snacks while waiting for a table (FOC might I add?!) and if you were to order prawns, they will de-shell it for you before popping the prawns into the soup for you. How amazing is that?! I've honestly never experienced such good service before.

But alas, HDL is pretty pricey (we paid $25.40/pax) and we weren't exactly super full at the end of the meal.

Stopped by Cold Stone Creamery for some ice cream and to further catch up with one another (as though we didn't catch up enough when we spent 4 whole days in BKK together hahaha).

Pretty psyched that Imma be meeting Dawn again in just a few hours hehehehe. I love the fact that she's back in SG right now~~~

Side note //
I have no idea which posts to do up first T.T Should I finish my Korea Travelogue posts before I start on my BKK trip with the girls? Or should I just go ahead with my BKK trip? I have so many posts to do up for my Korea Travelogue that it can honestly take me forever unless I lump the photos together which I'm kind of unwilling to do....

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