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Saturday, December 20, 2014

#1163: D'Kranji Farm Resort (Part 2)

Day 2 of my staycay with the boyfie~~~

We wanted to wake up to have breakfast since it was provided but we both woke up way too late ._. Breakfast ended at 10am which was the time SH suddenly jumped up from the bed (waking me up in the process) and looked at the time. Silly things we do.

We ended up heading over to NTU for lunch with his friends before heading over to the Science Centre in hopes of visiting the Transformers exhibitions. But nope. It was S$30/pax which we weren't willing to fork out (or at least I wasn't willing to) so we decided to forgo it. Here's a few pictures we took before we realized just how expensive the exhibition was.

Decided to drive to town instead to visit the National Museum of Singapore because we're such tourists. Visit ALL the museums!

Be prepared to be bombarded by a whole lot of photos I took inside the museum or feel free to skip if you're not interested. I feel that this trip to the National Museum of Singapore is really worth a go if you're interested in learning more about Singapore's history. The other day (before we visited the museum) I told SH how I feel like I don't know much about our country's history because I've forgotten about almost everything that was thought in school and this was a God-sent trip for me :>

I think I'm weird because I like visiting museums heh.

Scroll down to be immersed in Singapore's history~

National Museum of Singapore
| 93 Stamford Road, Singapore 178897 |

Since we were in town, we decided to catch a movie (Penguins of Madagascar if you were wondering) and then grabbed dinner at Nana's Green Tea. I love love love green tea and Nana's is one of my favourite places to go.

Matcha alldayerrday~~~~

Got the boyfie to order matcha latte and he really liked it :> I know not many guys are matcha fans but I hope to convert the boyfie into one so that we can have matcha everyday~~

I'm not sure what SH ordered but it tasted really good.

SH is the more adventurous of us two and he always likes to try different foods even if we go to the same place often and he made a really good choice this time! Sorry I don't remember the name of this dish but do give it a try if you're interested in pork!

(Im)patiently waiting for my food to come so he can dig in!

I opted for my usual chicken katsu curry don hehe. I'm not that adventurous but I really wished I ordered what SH did!

Nana's Green Tea
| 68 Orchard Road, #03-80/81/82, Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839 |

We wanted to save space for dessert but decided we were way too full so we decided to head back for an early night instead.

Got the boyfie to take an #ootd for me because how often do you see me in a checked shirt and knee high socks? (Immediately after this photo was taken, I went to remove makeup and bathe. I almost always remove make up as soon as I reach home and don't intend to head back out because I want to let my face breathe. How many of you do the same as I do? :>)

Bare faced with spots but happy because I have you by my side~

How about a pint of beer before bed? Hehe.

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