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Friday, December 19, 2014

#1162: D'Kranji Farm Resort (Part 1)

A few months ago, SH texted me excitedly with a different staycation idea for the both of us. SH has been booking boutique hotels for our staycations because he knows I love love love boutique hotels. 

This time though, he spotted a really good deal courtesy of the Army Portal that regulars have access to. I'm not exactly sure of the name of the portal but it's on the intranet where regulars are offered really good deals in a variety of hotels, resorts and so on.

He spotted a stay in D'Kranji Farm Resort for a really affordable price, $100 for 2 nights and he immediately asked me if I wanted to have a staycation there. The photos online looked really good and we were pretty excited about the trip. But… the stay wasn't as good as we anticipated it to be. I'll mention more about it later.

Do note that I am not pampered and I didn't expect to stay in a 5 star resort with world class service and amenities but I did expect the bare minimum.

Drove up to D'Kranji and was greeted by rows of really pretty villas. Each villa comes with their own private car porch which SH was so excited about because he never had his own car porch before.

We got the Superior Villa which consisted of a Queen sized bed, open-air bathroom and a balcony.

First glimpse of the room when we enter the villa.

Yes, we got the queen sized bed, but boy was the room really small. That was literally all there was to the room. The bed took up much of the floor space with only a small cupboard to the right of the bed (the door of which couldn't be fully opened because the bed was in the way), a couple of drawers and a small mini fridge.

The "balcony" consisted of a small concrete outdoor area with two rattan chairs and a rattan table… with no glass?! Seriously. We stole another table from the villa next door because no one was staying there, and also because that table had glass on it.

I mean why would you put two people in a room when the room has even been QC-ed yet. What's up with the whole broken table?!

The open air bathroom concept was a refreshing change from the other resorts that I have been to but that has its down sides as well. Firstly, there were ants EVERYWHERE. On the sink, on the floor, on the walls….

Secondly, try taking a shower at night and you'll probably be surrounded with mosquitoes. Note that D'Kranji is located in the middle of nowhere with loads of vegetation everywhere.

Thirdly, although they provided us with the basic amenities like toothbrush, body soap, and the works, they did not have shampoo. We called the front desk asking about shampoo and they got back to us an hour later… Telling us that they didn't have shampoo and would we like another body soap instead. Um, no, not really. I would like shampoo not another body soap, but thank you for that offer.

Also, there weren't any floor mats or hand towels in sight.

But if you can live with that, then by all means, the open air bathroom seems like a pretty good idea.

The last and most disappointing thing of all was the fact that they had NO WIFI. No wifi?! In Singapore?! Yeah really. I happily packed my iPad into my bag thinking that the whole idea of staying in such a ulu place is that I can hang around with SH in the room, catching up with my reading and my shows but noooo. No wifi means none of that. *deep breaths*

After hanging out in the room for a while and watching local channels like Channel 5 and Channel 8 (because there wasn't cable tv at all), I got horribly bored and bugged SH to go out with me. D'Kranji is a farm resort… right? So there should be farm stuff to do… right? Wrong.

But before we get to that, here's a happy photo of me before I realized all the horrors the place has to offer.

SH spotted this "farm" and I was really excited because I thought we would get to see vegetables and animals and all that.

What greeted us was mini plots of vegetables which weren't too bad I suppose.

Nope, no animals in sight. But given all that we've experienced in a few short hours, I didn't hold up much expectations anyway.

Decided to head out of the area because there wasn't anything else to do and also because there wasn't much to eat anyway. Got SH to take this photo of me because despite everything else, it is still nice to not see high rise buildings and traffic every where we go. Some greenery to ease our overworked eyes.

And he decided to troll me with my pose when I took a photo for him -__-

Drove out to Westgate because the both of us have never been there before, and here are some of the scenery as we were driving out. Really like how it doesn't seem like we were in Singapore at all.

A lot of my friends have been raving about the fried chicken at 4 Fingers and they compare it to the fried chicken in Korea so I was pretty excited to try it out!

Just check out how yummy the chicken looks! It was fried to perfection and the glazing on it tasted lovely. Both of us were really happy with how the chicken tasted! It was on the pricey side though for fried chicken.

Hung around Westgate for a while more before heading back to D'Kranji to rest up. Been working way too much recently and I needed the break away. Also, my face has been breaking out quite badly recently so face masks to the rescue!

Made SH do a mask with me and he absolutely hated it. He refused to move (or even talk to me) because he was scared that the mask would fall off. What a waste to a perfectly good face mask :<

Also, a beer definitely helps to destress as well~

D'Kranji Farm Resort
| 10 Neo Tiew Lane 2, Singapore 718813 |

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