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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

#1159: Two Chefs Eating Place // The Best Of Me

Mondays with SH; featuring good food, a hat and orange lips~

Two Chefs Eating Place
| 409 Sin Ming Avenue, #02-01, Singapore 570409 |

If you don't already know, Two Chefs is one of my favourite tze char places to go to. I absolutely love their spinach with century egg (and normal egg and salted egg). I love eggs, and I love vegetables so this combination is the sweetest of them all for me. I also think their butter pork ribs and claypot tofu are pretty decent!

Every few weeks I'll have a craving for tze char and SH always brings me here to satisfy my craving heh. He's a really good boyfriend and he always feeds me good food :>

Also, I really really wanted to catch The Best Of Me and we managed to do so at Suntec City! I felt really bummed because we usually watch movies at GV City Square because I love the cinema there (it's super new!) and not only is it near by, the parking is really affordable as well but the timings just didn't work out for us. Luckily SH was willing to travel to Suntec City just because I really wanted to watch this movie.

I never ever miss out on a single movie made from a novel of Nicholas Sparks. He's one of my all-time favourite authors and I must have read almost all of his books at least 3 times before. So thankful that I have an amazing boyfriend who's willing to accompany me to watch cheesey love movies hehe.

Also, how are you liking my orange lips? Got this lipstick on one of my trips to Batam and I'm really loving the orange! I've always loved coral/orange lips and this lipstick is pretty amazing. It was really affordable (I think below $5) and the colour pay off is fantastic. It smells really good to boot. Nothing that I don't like about it, except for the fact that Singapore doesn't carry this brand :'<

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