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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

#1160: Eighteen Chefs

Here at Eighteen Chefs, we strive to provide our customers with good quality food at an affordable price - freshly prepared and fast every time! Without compromising our service standards, we hope you will enjoy yourself in our own unique ambience and be spoilt in a great variety of food choices.

Our Social Vision

We wish to spread Benny's story of experience, strength and hope to inspire troubled youths and people with conviction backgrounds to find alternative positive ways to reintegrate back into society. 

By providing them a safe and non-judgmental working environment, we believe that we are giving them a chance to also work on their recovery through this unity of bond, which will eventually allow them to find a better and happier path in life.

What I usually like to order from Eighteen Chefs is their "Be Your Own Chef" where I get to customize my own meal. I get to choose from pasta or rice, my choice of sauce, ingredients...

I opted for the cheese baked rice in Japanese curry with chicken sausage! I love cheese. I love curry. And I love sausages. By allowing me to create my own meal, I combined all my favourite foods into one dish hehe.

Also, their double cheese chilli fries are the ultimate indulgence. So sinful but tastes so good :'>

Eighteen Chefs
| 23 Serangoon Central, #01-57 Singapore 556083 |

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