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Monday, December 15, 2014

#1158: #goodfoodsundayswithvan

Ajisen Ramen
| 23 Serangoon Central, #03-06/07, Singapore 556083 |

As the title of this post suggests, every Sunday becomes a good food Sunday because Van's here! Van recently switched churches to mine and now we go to church together every Sunday which is awesome since we both work on Sundays anyway. So every Sunday, we end up having really good food for lunch before we go to work.

A few Sundays ago, we went to Ajisen Ramen, which we both absolutely love. SH also joined us for church service which is awesome.

For those wondering, I go to New Creation Church at the Star Vista every Sunday. Also, SH isn't a believer but once in a while he'll join me for service which is awesome. So that Sunday, all 4 of us (with my brother) went to have Ajisen Ramen for lunch at Nex before going to work.

As much as I know Ajisen Ramen isn't legit ramen, I still really like it. I'm addicted to the Miso Cha Shu ramen and should I ever crave ramen, I usually go there for my ramen fix! Another place I also tend to frequent is Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King located inside 100AM. I would say that the ramen there is more authentic but it's quite a travel to go all the way there just to have some ramen and Ajisen's a lot more convenient.

Stay tuned for more #goodfoodsudayswithvan posts!


Side note: Every one is doing Vlogmas on Youtube and I thought I would join in the fun, though in a different way. Since it's officially 10 more days to Christmas, I thought I would do a something special and blog every single day till Christmas. I have loads of posts to catch up on and thus, I'll be blogging every single day till Christmas.

That means every day, there will be a brand new post up here for all of you (yay!) Hope this spices things up here a little.

Till the next post, go and be beautiful! x

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