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Friday, December 12, 2014

#1157: Korea Travelogue // 1100 Altitude Wetland Nature Discovery Trail

The 1100 Altitude Wetland Nature Discovery Trail (hereby known as the trail) is as its name suggests, a trail that's 1100m up on Mt Hallasan, which is one of the most famous mountains in Jejudo. Prior to visiting the trail, I never knew it existed simply because there aren't many mentions of this trail online.

The trail consists of a wooden walkway which winds through the nature reserve and offers a close up glimpse of Mt Hallasan and the ecosystem which exists at such a height. The temperature at the trail is noticeably colder than other parts of Jejudo, maybe 10 degrees colder? And I suspect it is because of the difference in temperature which is why Autumn colours were much more prevalent in this trail than any where else in Jejudo. Mum got really excited with all the oranges and browns and reds seen there.

We went there in the late afternoon and there weren't a lot of people around because it was pretty out of the way from most tourist attractions or the city area. But the good thing is that we didn't have to hike our way up to the trail, we drove up ;)

Wouldn't really say that this place is a must-visit but it's definitely something different from the usual touristy spots in Jejudo.

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