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Monday, December 8, 2014

#1156: Korea Travelogue // Cheonjiyeon Waterfall

Cheonjiyeon Waterfall
| 666-7, Cheonji-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do 666-7 | 

Cheonjiyeon, meaning "God's pond," derives its name from the legend that the seven fairies serving the King of Heaven came down to the pond on stairs made of clouds and bathed in its clean waters. 

It wasn't my first time visiting the Cheonjiyeong Waterfall but it was definitely my first time seeing a rainbow there made from the spray of the waterfall. There are 3 waterfalls in total but we only managed to see 2 of them since it wasn't the raining season and there wasn't enough water for the first waterfall to be seen.

As far as waterfalls go, I don't think this is the most impressive one I've seen and I definitely wasn't awe-struck but this was one of the places that came highly recommended as a must-see in Jeju so I brought my brother and mother here. Check it out if you have the time to, if not it isn't a place that I'll be visiting again.

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