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Friday, December 5, 2014

#1155: Army Museum of Singapore & Singapore Discovery Centre

One Saturday, SH and I decided to go on a more unusual date than the ones we usually go on. We decided to go museum hopping in the West which resulted in us visiting the Army Museum of Singapore and the Singapore Discovery Centre. Not something people usually do in Singapore but why not?

Woke up pretty early and went to have porridge for brunch! I've been here quite a few times and it's one of my favourite places to have porridge heh. So if any one is interested, the place I usually go to is Johor Road Boon Kee Pork Porridge. I usually go for the chicken porridge.

Journeyed to the West and the first museum we went to was the Army Museum of Singapore. Now I know that most people think the Army Museum is a really boring place to go (I know 'cuz two of my friends told me not to go 'cuz there's nothing to do there) but I actually had a lot of fun there. More so than at the Singapore Discovery Centre honestly. Maybe I'm weird like that.

The good thing about being a Singaporean is that we get free entry into both museums!! Whoop whoop.

We got to try out simulator SAR21 and can I just say that my aim isn't too bad. *flicks hair* I was asking SH if I was really good or was it just really easy and he said I wasn't too bad. (Actually it was just really easy that's all but cudos to SH for trying to make me feel better about myself.)

Next museum, Singapore Discovery Centre. It honestly was kind of boring and we walked through most of the exhibits really fast simply because we didn't enjoy it.

Since we were in the West, what better way to end off our day then to have some hotpot! I haven't had hotpot since I graduated earlier this year because the place I usually eat at is in Jurong Point and I stay way too far to head over to eat it as and when I want to. So whenever I head to the West, I'll definitely ask SH if we can have hotpot hehe.

And since SH was craving for some ice cream, we decided to go ahead with it! We had a mix of Nutella and Hazelnut and I love love love the hazelnut flavour!! I don't usually crave ice cream or eat much ice cream so you know I really mean it when I say it tasted amazing. Definitely a must try~

Went for a drive to catch a glimpse of D'Kranji Farm Resort which we went for a staycation at (!!!) Blog post up soon~

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