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Thursday, October 23, 2014

#1140: #yqxsh

Here's a hugeass selfie taken earlier today (or rather, yesterday since it's past 12am) when I woke up early to meet the boyfie for an early lunch before work.

I hardly ever blog emotional, lovey-dovey stuff because that's just not who I am but I wanted to take the  time out tonight to just say how proud I am of my man.

If you've seen my instagram, you'll know that SH is currently having his Guards Conversion Course (GCC) because his main vocation is under the artillery and he was posted to a guards camp so he had to do the conversion over to guards.

May I just say that I'm pretty sure as a vocation, guards isn't the easiest, and may very well be one of the toughest vocations there are in the SAF. Even though SH always says that GCC is nothing compared to OCS, it still doesn't make me less proud that he has nearly finished the whole course and is only left with his last assignment, a 4 day field camp in Tekong.

Earlier tonight before he went to sleep, he told me he's really going to miss me because he won't be able to contact me for the next 4 days because he will not be bringing his phone to Tekong. But silly boy, what is 4 days compared to what you've already endured? Even though the trainings under GCC may not be as fierce or as tough as what you've gone through in OCS, it doesn't mean the trainings aren't tough, period. And from what I heard, you've put in your best in each and every part of the course which makes me really proud of you. You could have put in the bare minimum effort required to pass each training and you didn't, you did your best and helped out even when no one else wanted to.

On Sunday, when you walk onto the parade ground, I'll be standing there waiting to finally see you don on your much deserved khaki beret and to see you add your guards tab to your uniform. Till then, stay safe and know that I'll be your number 1 fan and that I believe you can. x

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