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Thursday, October 23, 2014

#1141: Korea Travelogue // Yoogane

When we reached Seoul, the first thing we did was to head over to my sister's hostel to store our luggages because we were flying over to Jeju in a few hours time. Jeju Air only allows 15kg worth of check in luggages per person so we decided to just bring our hand luggages and leave our big ones over at my sister's.

 Since we had the time to, we decided to have lunch with my sister and lw at Yoogane Chicken Galbi, which has quite a few branches all over Korea (we ate at one of their branches in Jeju as well).

This time, we visited the branch at Anam which is really near to where my sister's hostel is at. #twoweisinkorea

A good thing about Korea is their side dishes! Been really loving their "pasta salad" and shredded lettuce~

At Yoogane, they basically cook the food in a huge frying pan right in front of you so it's pretty similar to what you get in Pepper Lunch in Singapore, just that the staff cooks it instead of you cooking it yourself.

Only down side to eating at Yoogane is that the food smell sticks to your hair and clothes which really sucks.

First they cook the meat, then the rice.

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