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Monday, October 20, 2014

#1138: Korea Travelogue // Travelling to Korea

Hello errbody~~~ Guess who's back from her trip to Koreaaaaaa! I've been back since Wednesday and I've been busy with work (and meeting the boyfie hehe) so I've only managed to find time to blog now.

If you've noticed, I've been blogging my trips according to days, like what I've been doing each day, but I've decided to do it differently this time. I'll be blogging according to places/what we did. Like instead of clumping everything according to what did I do on this day, because some days we did a lot of things and went to a lot of places so the blog posts (and pictures) are going to be insanely long and take forever to blog out, so by splitting it up into events/places, it'll be much easier to blog out.

This was the day we left! Pops sent us off to the airport at night and we caught a night flight out to Korea so that we would have a whole first day there instead of half of the day wasted on the plane.

Barefaced because I'm not going to spam makeup when all I intend to do on the plane is eat and sleep.

We flew by SIA and can I just say I don't know why anyone will choose any other airline except for SIA (except for the fact that SIA is more expensive). The service is amazing~ Warm towels for all before we took off~

And plane food hehe. I love plane food~~~ And I'm super glad SIA serves green tea!

Stay tuned for more posts on my Korea trip. x

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