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Sunday, October 12, 2014

#1136: Phuket day 3 // Cha Yen, Exploring Phuket Town & Street Food

Day 3~

Starting the day right by having more tomyum soup hehe. Back at the same place for lunch because the food here is reasonable and tastes amazing.

Milk tea alldayerrday.

I've been to Phuket 2 times before and I've never gotten on a tuktuk before so I really really REALLY wanted to this time and that's what we did! As you may remember from my first phuket post, we wanted to ride a bike into Phuket town but because SH wasn't confident in riding up the hill, and also the day was pretty drizzly, we decided to take a tuktuk into Phuket Town.


And yet another cup of Thai milk tea hehe. My obsession.

We hired a car to bring us back to our hotel and the price of transportation (cabs and tuktuks) are insanely expensive. No joke. I can't remember how expensive they are right now but it's just insanely expensive. 

Grabbed a quick bite in the hotel because I wanted something to eat and it was too early for dinner. 

Decided to go for yet another massage before buying dinner back and this was what we got.

I highly recommend this drink! SH calls it the yakult drink but I don't know what it is. Irregardless, it tastes lovely and it's so much bigger than the yakult we find in Singapore, and cheaper to boot.

Pigging out~

And we decided to stay in because of the rain….

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