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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

#1135: Phuket day 2 // Maya Bay & Phi Phi Island Tour, Simon Cabaret Show & Exploring Bangla Walking Street

Day 2 in Phuket~~ We woke up bright and early to catch the mini bus to start our speed boat tour of Maya Bay and Phi Pahi Island. I've been waiting for this tour for the longest time, ever since I first saw photos of the beautiful islands. 

Sadly, it was the time of the month for me, and it was also the monsoon period in Thailand and that led to a pretty miserable time for me. I could not swim in the water, nor could I scuba dive (which were the main highlights of the trip), but because of the pouring rain, we got drenched and I felt so uncomfortable and cold.

But rant aside, here are the visuals I took while on the speed boat!

After spending almost 6 hours being wet and cold, we finally went back to our hotel to wash up and I felt halfway normal after taking a hot shower.

Went to this restaurant round the corner of our hotel and what did I order… Tom yum khung of course! My love for tomyum~~~~ Sh and I shared a salad too because that's how we roll.

Went back to our hotel just in time for the mini bus to pick us up for the Simon Cabaret show! It's a really famous lady boy show in Phuket and can I just say most of the actors/actresses (how should I address them?!) are super pretty with crazy long legs?! They put me to shame :'<

We weren't allowed to take photos during the show but at the end of the show, all the lady boys were in a line and we were allowed to take photos with them, for a price of course. I didn't want to pay for something I'll probably never look at again so I just took photos of them from afar.

Since the night was still young, we decided to head to Bangla Street which is a really famous street in Phuket well known for the clubs and the night life there. Since it was just a stone's throw away from our hotel, we decided to go grab some drinks.

We chose this club, I think it was the Tiger Disco because there were pole dancers. Some were really amazing and all I could do was stare in awe at how good they were. Their upper body strength was jaw-droppingly scary.

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