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Saturday, October 4, 2014

#1134: Phuket day 1 // Flying to Phuket, @White Patong, iBerry & Street Food

Guess who's finally going to start blogging about her Phuket trip (which happened in July btw…. ._.)!!!! The boyfie has been nagging at me almost immediately after we came back to post the photos up but I kept procrastinating 'cuz I wasn't even done with posting my Korea trip photos (which happened in… May) so I didn't want the both of them to clash. And if you haven't already realized, I'm still not done with my Korea post, just that I don't have the rest of the photos with me. Hahaha lag much?! 

But yes, without further ado, I present to you, our Phuket trip!!!!

We woke up really early, like 5 plus am early because we had to reach the airport by 6.20am latest which was insane. Thank goodness for Papa Lim who gave us a lift to the airport if not it'll probably be a nightmare trying to flag down a cab with my hugeass pink luggage. SH only brought a black haversack and I brought a pink luggage just 'cuz I'm crazy like that.

Totally bare faced and insanely tired but also, crazy excited to be flying with the boyfie!

The flight was a short 1h50mins away and we finally touched down in Phuket! Got tickets for the minibus service which dropped us off near our hotel.

It started pouring as soon as the minibus dropped us off and we had to run whilst pulling my luggage on the road which was horrible. And shortly after we reached our hotel, before we could check in proper, there was a black out ._. What a way to start our holiday right.

Since our original plan of riding a bike to Phuket Town is off because of the rain, we decided to go grab lunch and get a massage instead.

Went to this little restaurant that SH recommended and the food was really good. I had chicken noodle soup while he had some fried rice, not too sure what we ordered because I didn't really take note of what the names of the food were.

And we went to this place, I think it's called Happy Life Massage? for some really good massage. SH wanted to go for a 2h Thai massage and that was what we did. I've never had a massage before and it felt really awesome but yet painful at some parts. Especially when the lady started kneading my legs because work really wore me down, just try standing for almost 11h a day and you'll understand what I mean.

Went back to our hotel to check in finally and this is our room! Apparently SH got the biggest room for us which wasn't too bad I guess for a 3 star hotel?

Decided to head to Jungceylon which is the biggest mall in Patong if I'm not wrong and we grabbed some sweet treats heh.

Took a stroll along Patong Beach~~~

And our dinner~~~

A pineapple pancake for SH and a nutella one for me! Together with a huge cup of Thai milk tea for each of us and kebabs!

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