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Monday, September 22, 2014

#1124: The brother has graduated too!

My brother has graduated!!! Feels surreal to have two official graduates in the family (not including my mom and pops obviously) and only the little Cheng is left heh. Can't wait for her to graduate too so we can finally take a family portrait of all of us in graduation robes!

Things to take note when attending a graduation ceremony:

1. Always take note of the registration time and get there as early as possible (without being ridiculous).
Because if it's free seating, or the seating is allocated when you register, then you will want to get the best seats so it's always good to reach early.

2. Prepare time in the case of traffic jams.
We were stuck in a massive jam and reached almost 30 mins later than the time we thought we would which was crap given point #1 but we still managed to get decent seats.

3. Get a good camera.
Especially if you do not get good seats because then you'll have to rely on your camera's zoom to be able to capture decent photos, which my camera is crap at.

4. Bring something to do, or alternatively, a power bank to charge your phone.
You're going to be bored. Literally. Because you're probably only there for one person, or maybe a few if you have a few friends graduating at the same time. But you're not going to know EVERYONE and you're not going to clap for everyone either so you will have to keep yourself entertained. And I think finding something to do is less rude than falling asleep.

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