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Monday, August 25, 2014

#1116: Convocation 2014

I'm not the fastest person when it comes to blogging, even though nothing much has been happening in my life to warrant enough content to require multiple posts a day. But work has been so draining and I've been busy planning DnD plus my upcoming Korea (!!!!) trip and spending time with the boyfie as well.

But well, here's the photos from my Convocation last month……. Once again reminded that I'm not the fastest person. Haven't even gone through half of my Korea trip, or started on my Phuket trip -__-

My friends are such blessings. I didn't pay attention to the girl who was teaching me how to wear the robe, obviously, and my friends had to robe me up. :'>

Made the boyfie suit up hehe. I think he looks pretty good here :>:>:>

(I am aware that my hat wasn't properly positioned…… .__.)

Korean BBQ for dinner with the family after that.

Not a particular fan of makgeolli honestly.

And I went to grab desserts with the boy after that hehe. Had a craving for some chocolate peanut butter stack and that's what we got!

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