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Friday, August 15, 2014

#1115: Korea day 6 // Isaac Toast, Stylenanda & 3CE, Hongdae Weekend Flea & Beansbins Coffee

Started off our 6th day in Korea with really good sandwiches at Isaac Toast & Coffee. It's located in the Hondae area, opposite the main gate of Hongik University. 

Seoul, Mapo-gu, Seogyo-dong, 358-28

Getting there: 
Line 2, Hongik University Station, Exit 9

Something interesting about Isaac is that it's a Christian shop :')

The sandwiches were really good. It tasted like a nicer version of McDonald's cheeseburger actually if that's any help in describing how it tastes like.

Our next stop of the day was to find Stylenanda! The flagship store is located in Hongdae, not too far from where we had our brunch.

The weather was super good, a little too sunny but not that humid which was fantastic for exploring around Hongdae.

Stopped at a macaroon shop to grab some sweet bites.

After walking for maybe 15-20 minutes, we finally found Stylenanda!!! It wasn't really that hard to find, and we got a map at the tourist information centre in Hongdae so it really helped us in finding Stylenanda.

23, Wausan-ro 29da-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Take the subway to Hongik University Station, Exit 8. Turn right after you exit the station and walk for about 200m. You will see 6.9% Plaza on your left, turn right at a dead end, cross a small street and walk for another 60m. Walk straight and turn left when you see a 7-Eleven and walk for another 170m. Turn left onto Wausan-ro 29da-gil (4th junction) and walk for another 40m and you will see Stylenanda to your right.

First stop in Stylenanda, the 3CE counter!!!

We had loads of fun trying on different highlighters/lipsticks/blushers. Everything was super pretty. BUY !!ALL!! THE COSMETICS!!!

One thing I really liked about the 3CE range is their lipsticks. They're really pigmented and the color comes off really nicely!

Also, don't forget to go to the Stylenanda photo booth to get your pictures taken for free!!

After bursting our budgets at Stylenanda, we headed over to the weekend Hongik flea. It usually opens from 1pm to 6pm every Saturday and it's located at the Hongdae Free Market. There wasn't really much to buy, but loads to see.

This drink is the bombdiggity by the way!! It tastes like a peace flavored yoghurt drink and is super refreshing. It's definitely a must try if you go to Korea.

After dinner, we decided to walk it off by looking for the famous graffiti street along the Hongdae area. Not too sure if we actually managed to find the street but we did find some pretty decent graffiti!

We also took a walk through Hongik University and it is HUGE.  Everything looks so much bigger when you're overseas. Maybe because everything in Singapore is pretty much cramped together to make more efficient use of space.

Cheryl and Charisse in the corner of the photo for comparison. That's how huge the building was.

After walking around Hongdae for the longest time, we finally managed to find Beansbins Coffee!! Took us the longest time to find this place because the directions given were not that clear, and also because none of the people we asked knew what we were talking about ._.

We ordered a waffle with double scoop of ice-cream and it was amazing. Really!

After working at WL, no other waffles taste as good as WL's waffles but this came really close. Also, the ice cream (matcha zomg) was super good, and it was served with fresh fruits and cream as well. Everything amazing on one plate.

After finally resting our aching bones at beansbin, we went in search of food to buy for breakfast because the next day, we're going to go climb Bukhansan! Pretty psyched about that!!!

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