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Saturday, August 2, 2014

#1114: A night of surprises, cakes, baby powder, ribbon spray, and camo.

This blog has been dead for the LONGEST time and I'm probably nearly a month late (or more) with my updates because things have been CRAY CRAY at work. Been busy planning dnd stuff and planning my Phuket trip (zomg have to blog about that as well) on top of my usual work……. Sobs. 

But anyway, the WL people decided to have a triple party celebration, firstly, an advanced birthday celebration for my sis (who's spending her birthday in Korea on exchange), an advanced farewell party for the Two Weis (geddit?) and an initiation ceremony for Kim. 

Many people knew about this, but few knew exactly what was going to happen.

We gathered earlier at My Village to draw the "banner".

And prepared the baby powder and ribbon spray…….

Pretended that it was a surprise party for Stanley's birthday ('cuz we needed a reason to gather together.)

And then the little sis suspected something was going to happen.

LW suspecting something is going to happen…..

And next came Kim's initiation. Poor boy got pinned to the floor and he got camo all over his face.

I promise I'll try to update this space more!

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