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Saturday, July 19, 2014

#1113: Little Wimbly Lu // Two Chefs

Visited Little Wimbly Lu (a.k.a Little) at Serangoon Gardens on Monday to find mah girl to discuss DnD stuff. But. I forgot to bring my laptop and it's my first time there so I got distracted with everything there //shifty eyes// 

But it's really pretty and all! Didn't manage to take a picture of the whole space 'cuz there were customers around but if you do want to visit Little, the address is below!

1 Maju Ave, My Village, #01-09/10 Singapore 556679

Opening hours:
Sun-Thurs: 11am-11pm
Fri-Sat: 11am-1am

Little also has Lu's signature VW beetle! (Spot it on the top of the menus!)

This ice cream is da bomb!! Don't ask me what's inside (everyone keeps telling me but I keep forgetting) but whatever it is, it tastes really amazing. Not a dessert/ice cream fan but I'm really craving for some Speculoos right now :<

One thing I don't understand is why some customers insist that water is a right and that every restaurant/dining place should serve water. I personally think that it's of course a plus point if a cafe serves water but just because they do not serve it does not make it a bad place?

I've been on both sides of the spectrum, both as a customer and as the server, and it is really tiresome to keep filling up the water cups for customers all the time. I mean if the water jug is prominently displayed or if I notice where the servers get the water from, I'll gladly refill my own cup of water without bothering the servers to help me fill my cup, especially if the whole cafe is crowded.

But there are a lot of customers who are super rude and self-righteous who think that just because some where charges service charge, it is a right for their cups to be refilled by servers, even if everyone is busy.

I mean refilling water cups isn't a priority for us even if you think it is for you. We have a million other things to do which are more important like clearing tables, serving food and drinks asap which may turn cold otherwise (especially for coffee orders), taking orders, wiping plates and cutlery dry... You get the idea.

And also there are some ridiculous customers who sit right beside the water jug yet still insist on asking the servers to refill their cups. Why are you being so difficult and ridiculous?!

Granted, not all customers are that bad, the majority of them are really quite nice actually but it just takes one rude and ungrateful customer to ruin the day for everyone.

Rant aside, Little does not serve water, so if you want, you can get naked. Geddit?

Donning on the Little "uniform" before helping out behind the counter!

After that, the boy came to pick me up and we visited his grandma at the hospital before heading to Two Chefs for some dinner.

This has got to be my ultimate fav dish at Two Chefs so far! Spinach with 3 types of egg. I LOVE egg, and this has century egg and salted egg inside, major love!!!

Craving for some right now :'(

Butter pork ribs! Another must have!

And another egg dish, hehe. Omelette!

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